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Lauryn Hill Releases Statement about Industry Corruption, Her Safety, & Not Paying Taxes

This story was origainlly posted June 9, 2012. This is a statement from Lauryn Hill about her recent tax problems and her views as an artist. Just like we talk about radio, syndication and many other issues that we perceive as problems in the industry we are not recording artists but we believe in freedom of speech. Ms.

Skip Murphy Replacing Michael Baisden

Radio Facts has confirmed that radio vet Skip Murphy will be replacing Michael Baisden. Cumulus was rushing to find a replacement over the last week and after several people turned it down Murphy accepted. This means that TWO of Radio Facts predictions have now come true This One and This One.
Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Morning Show Sponsors Morehouse Relays

Steve Harvey and his morning crew had track coach, Willie Hill stop by the show to discuss the Morehouse relays which are currently going on. The Steve Harvey Morning show is an official sponsor of the relay's this year and Willie Hill wanted to show his appreciation and talk about the upcoming events. Check out the interview below.

LOOK: Gary Bernstein at the White House with the President and the First Lady

Radio Facts: Congrats to my friends at syndication one. As many of you know I am a big fan of The Rickey Smiley show and I booked for the show in the early days.

WHAT? Someone in radio is hiring””Internet radio, that is.

Radio Facts: Still not taking internet radio seriously?

Tyra Leaving Talk Show? Smart Move, Here’s Why

Radio Facts: Tyra seems to be getting some premiere advice from someone close who is business savvy. Perhaps it is her who is making these decisions but everyone in Hollywood knows the 5-year mark means syndication, which means the star(s) of the show could be paid for a lifetime.

Is Reach Media (Tom Joyner ) Suit Against Clear Channel’s V103 in Chicago “Sour...

Radio Facts: Do you see why I don't like syndication?....What in the world is Reach Media THINKING? Tom Joyner , the SEASONED veteran is STILL (apparently) steaming over the show being dropped this past spring and replaced by Steve Harvey.

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