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30-Minute Stress Instant Stress Busters

At times stress can really catch us off guard. The symptoms of stress can affect different people in different ways but the longterm effects are never good.  It's even worse when we are around others and don't have an outlet to express our disdain and/or frustrations.

What to do if You Get Pulled Over By the Police

USA.gov sent out a press release explaining what to do if you get pulled over by the police. I personally though the info given in the press release was simple but effective. This may actually save someone's life if you know what I mean.

Is Patti LaBelle OK?

Sources who attended a Patti LaBelle concert this past weekend stated almost the entire audience was wailing when Patti hit the stage. Her performance...

Tim Hardaway Attempting to Repair his image

I sincerely doubt Tim will have much luck. It's almost comical to see black male stars fight so hard NOT to say negative...

HMM, Not a Bad Idea! Rapper Rhymefest Is Campaigning For A Role In Chicago's...

Radio Facts: At first I thought, what is this sh.... Dammit it's too early in the morning for this foolishness... Then I heard his vision and saw that he was serious and that this brother is intelligent and he has great communication skills.

Hear Nick Cannon’s Radio Show (audio), Jay Z, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz

Radio Facts: I have one question.. what's the likelihood that Jay Z, Jeezy and Trey Songz could simultaneously be on Steve Harvey or Tom Joyner ? OK by now we should all know that only groups like the Commodores and Earth Wind & Fire are the ONLY ones that can be on those shows promoting their music from 1978.

You hear it here: Local radio shows offer listeners something different | Jacksonville.com

Radio Facts: Old-fashioned radio is not dead. The trouble is finding it on the dial. Remember dials? If not, the modern equivalent is knowing when to stop the scan button. These days, restricted playlists OK'd by suited executives can reduce radio DJs to puppets. Or eliminate them. Great songs are wrung dry by repetition while others are forgotten.

The 50 Hottest Women Of Radio

Radio Facts: OK it's from earlier this year but blog Pop Crunch has an interesting take on the 50 Hottest women in Radio. Check it out... K Via Pop Crunch: Let me tell you, the old saying "she's got a face for radio" has a lot of truth to it. A lot of Truth.

WOW: Clear Channel’s New Initiative is Actually a Great Concept, My Thoughts

Radio Facts: I was reading over Clear Channel's Premium Choice concept over the last couple of days before I gave my opinion... For the most part, I'm impressed. I really like the local initiaitves to host more PSAs, community involvement and rewarding local, lesser known Radio DJs reward initiatives for bringing results.

TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY (and it’s Wed): This SUPER Fine Pop Singer Arrested for...

Radio Facts: A few weeks later the affair ended and Klaus never saw Nadja again.

WHAT? Arbitron and GAP Broadcasting Sign Agreements for Diary-based Radio Ratings Services in 17...

Radio Facts: Agreement includes software services in all markets and ¨monthly rolling-average reports in year-round market Arbitron Inc.

OH NO: All Jamaican Music Officially ENDS per BAN

Radio Facts: OK Perhaps it's not ENDING but ALL Jamaican music is about fooking or violence, what's left? The nation of Jamaica has instituted an island -wide ban of all music which glorifies violence or sexual activity.

Rapper Jim Jones Joins the Ranks of Rappers Turned Industry Executive, Hired at Koch

OK beneath the self-imposed grunge exterior, you had to know this brother had something to offer. The way he played the whole 50 Cent/...

CAN’T STOP LAUGHING: Story of the YEAR and it’s only JAN 8!!! Sheree’s Antics

Radio Facts: FILED UNDER: Get a FOOKING JOB! DO NOT LAUGH: I mean look at Dude, (stop laughing) you KNOW she ....

Earth Kitt was the BEST Catwoman (vid from Batman)

Radio Facts: While I was a bit too young during this era, the 60's was a very interesting decade. Everything went from big and bulky during the 50s to slim and sleek in the 60s from fashion to furniture.