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10 Rules of Success in the Music Industry

There are certain rules that music and radio pros MUST follow if they are to have long-term success. These are the ones I find most helpful. I’ve made some of these mistakes but thank God I’m a person who learns lessons quickly. Hit “NEXT” above or below for next segment.

Know that it’s Business FIRST

I cannot tell you how many people I have seen DESTROYED when they can’t separate the business from the personal side of the industry. Their whole lives are based on the industry, no personal friends or personal life and I have been guilty of this in the past too.

This is a lifestyle industry, an industry where we may be around each other all day and even at night and then see each other again at events. There are VERY few TRUE legends in the industry, I’m talking about those who are immortalized and get the ultimate respect like Frankie Crocker. So be prepared just because you make millions today and are loved by everyone doesn’t mean you won’t be collecting unemployment in two years. Everything is about what you can do and deliver. Yesterday’s legacy has its limits.

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