Rickey Smiley’s Urban AC morning show goes live today January 6, 2020

Rickey Smiley’s show goes live today. We’d like to know what you think, Feel free to comment. We will be posting videos from the show.

rickey smiley morning show


Rickey uses personality, humor, conviction and relevant information to deliver a high-energy morning show engaging his listening community in unexpected ways. His show has distinguished itself with its innovative mix of entertainment and an unfiltered view on contemporary black life and parenthood, focusing on family, community and mentorship. 

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  1. What station is he on in the New York City area? Tom Joyner was on 103.9….but that is not the station that picked up the Rickey Smiley Morning show as we were led to believe…

  2. Trying to find him in Chicago, Tom Joyner was on 95.1 for the last year, but no information on what station picked him up.

    • Yesss I’m trying to figure out which station he’s on in Chicago now too. They can send this “morning hustle“ garbage directly to hell!! #bringrickysmileyback92.3

  3. I woke up thinking I was going to drive to work listening to Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show, and he’s gone! I assumed he was just on vacation but then I heard Headcrack say “this is the morning hustle” I’m devastated…bring the old crew BACK! What happened to Brat, Eva, and Juciy? What about Gary with the Tea??? Whats going on??? I will HAVE to find his new station in my area. I’m so hurt!

  4. I guess everyone has the same problem. I drove to work listening to Trick N Trina new Talk show in the morn. I love them, but that’s not who I want to hear in the morn. Wait for those who has heard the show. The crew didn’t join them? That’s wack and disappointing. What station is he on in Palm Beach FL?

  5. Albany, GA WJIZ 96.3
    Alexandria, LA KBCE 102.3
    Atlanta, GA WHTA 107.9
    Augusta, GA WFXA 103.1
    Baltimore, MD WERQ 92.3
    Baton Rouge, LA WEMX 94.1
    Birmingham, AL WBHJ 95.7
    Chattanooga , TN WJTT 94.3
    Charleston, SC WWWZ 93.3
    Charlotte, NC WQNC-FM 92.7
    Chicago, IL WPWX 92.3
    Cincinnati, OH – WIZF 101.1
    Cleveland, OH WENZ 107.9
    Columbus, OH – WCKX 107.5
    Columbus, OH WBMO-FM 106.3
    Columbia, SC WHXT 103.9
    Columbus, GA WBFA 98.3
    Columbus, MS WMSU 92.1
    Daytona Beach FL – WHOG HD2 94.1
    Evansville, IN WEOA 1400 / 98.5
    Fayetteville, NC WCCG 104.5
    Fayetteville AR – KQIS 1340 & 105.3
    Flint, MI WOWE 98.9
    Florence, SC WYNN 106.3
    Friars Point, MS – WNEV 107.1
    Gainesville, FL WTMG 101.3
    Goldsboro, NC WSSG 1300/92.7
    Greenwood, MS WGNL 104.3 & WGNG 106.3
    Huntsville, AL WEUP 103.1 & WEUZ-FM 92.1
    Indianapolis, IN – WHHH 96.3
    Jackson, MS WRBJ 97.7
    Jackson TN – WJAK 1460 & 96.1
    Killeen, TX – KOOC 106.3
    Lafayette, LA KRRQ 95.5
    Louisville, KY – WGZB 96.5
    Lubbock, TX KBTE 104.9
    Macon, GA WIBB 97.9
    Memphis, TN KXHT 107.1
    Meridian , MS WJXM-FM 95.1
    Miami, FL WEDR 99.1
    Monroe, LA KRVV 100.1
    Montgomery, AL WJWZ 97.9
    Myrtle Beach, SC – WDAI 98.5
    Elizabeth City, NC WKJX 96.7
    Oklahoma City, OK KVSP 103.5
    Raleigh, NC – WQOK 97.5
    Richmond, VA WCDX 92.1
    Rockford, IL – WYRB 106.3
    Savannah, GA WEAS 93.1
    Shreveport, LA KBTT 103.7
    St. Louis, MO WHHL 104.1
    Toledo, OH WJZE 97.3
    Tulsa, OK KJMM 105.3
    Tyler, TX KBLZ 102.7 & KAZE 106.9
    Valdosta, GA – WWRQ 107.9
    West Helena, AR – KCLT 104.9
    Wichita Falls, OK KJMZ 97.9
    Wilmington, NC WMNX 97.3

  6. This may be an Old List because he’s on KMJQ Majic 102.1 in Houston and I don’t see it on this list. SOOOO glad to have him on the airwaves here.