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BandLab Technologies recruits Top Professionals to Bolster Artist Growth, Education, and Industry Partnerships

Today, BandLab Technologies, a global innovator in music creation tools and platforms, welcomes Kevin Breuner as the Head of Artist Development and Education, and Jessica Strassman as the Head of Industry Relations & Artist Services (Americas). Reporting directly to BandLab Technologies’ CEO & Co-founder...

Meruelo Media’s Renowned LA Radio Station KPWR-FM Expands Signal Beyond Mt. Wilson, Leveraging MaxxCasting™ for a Market Edge

Large MaxxCasting Installation in Country’s #1 Radio Ad Market Offers Multicasting Capabilities to Other Stations Seeking Revenue Increases Southern California’s iconic radio station KPWR-FM will expand its revenue potential and competitive advantage as it strengthens its signal north of Los Angeles, through the deployment of...



Radio Facts Spotlight: Rising Radio Star Ferrari Simmons

We like to catch up with today's rising stars in the industry and here is a feature on one of them. Ferrari Simmons. enjoy the interview. [...]

Rickey Smiley talks to Radio Facts on his Book and “Being Difficult” to work with

Radio Facts: "...with the people who say that I’m “difficult to work with,” I want you to look at where they are, and look at where I am."Originally published Dec 17, 2017Rickey Smiley is an incredibly entertaining comedian and radio host. He's been doing his syndicated radio show for 12 years now but he continues to supplement or leverage his radio career while continuing to do sold out weekend comedy shows. [...]

Meet 11 “Up Next” Future Legends of Radio that You Should Know

By Kevin Ross and Coka-Lani Kimbrough When it comes to the radio industry, there are often hidden gems in the process of being shining stars. We want to show our appreciation for them and let them know that we see you. In the coming years, they will be tomorrow's great industry leaders in various capacities, and they have only scratched the surface of where they are headed. KUDOS, and thanks for the work that you put in. DJ LOUIE V - 105.3 THE BEAT ATLANTA - iHeartRadio Vladimir “DJ Loui Vee” Scott is one to watch. [...]

Marzz Talks to Radio Facts about how Timbaland Found Her, Her Music, and More

Marzz is one of 2022's Artists To Watch according to Billboard and is only just beginning on her musical journey. Up and coming singer, Marzz is one of 2022's 'Artists to Watch, and has already caught the attention of one super-producer, by the name of, Timbaland. We got a chance to sit down and talk with her about how Timbaland came in contact with her, artists she's looked up to, and much more. Marzz Interview Quincy: Where are you at right now? Marzz: I’m at home! Quincy: You’re at home, back in Kentucky? Marzz: Yes sir! Quincy: Ok. [...]

“Radio’s Road Ahead” Featuring Toshamakia Acevedo

"Radio is not about winging it. You truly have to have a personality. You truly have to know HOW to connect." We have noticed something that is greatly lacking in the few surviving and relevant industry trades: Spotlights. Radio Facts would like to lead the way by introducing you to some of the industry's stars. We will be featuring various fresh-faced talent from this point on. Please meet Toshamakia Acevedo. How long have you been in radio?Wow! Well, radio was kind of an accident. [...]

What Doesn’t Frank Ski Do? Exclusive Radio Facts Interview (VIDEO)

What has Frank Ski not done? Radio Host, Journalist, Music Producer, Deejay, Restauranteur, Motivational Speaker & Philanthropist, and more, Frank Ski  has truly done it all. He is sort of like industry gumbo – full of flavor, classic, fulfilling, and cultured. Jasmine Sanders, in only the way she can, uncovers the many layers of Frank Ski. From radio, music deals, to his children's foundation, Frank Ski is a force in the industry and beyond. Just when you think Frank Ski will go left, he pivots and then goes right toward God's plan according to the media juggernaut. [...]


5 Current Stories That Prove America Isn’t Always So Beautiful

They lyrics to "America the Beautiful" read as such, "O beautiful for spacious skies/ For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties / Above the fruited plain! /America! America! /God shed his grace on thee /And crown thy good with brotherhood /From sea to shining sea! "The entire song is meaningful but the lyrics, "And crown thy good with brotherhood" need to be revisited by many of us that call America home. [...]

Best 90s R & B Groups, Black Male Singers

Who were the BEST R & B Black Male Singers in Groups in the 90s?

8 Reason’s Why Tyrese’s Comment about President Obama and Oprah Are Unjust

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has been boldly making a name for himself for years. He started his career years ago running late for an audition for a Coca-Cola commercial that he actually won and his career has skyrocketed since. He's recorded many great hit songs on RCA Records and he's become an impressive actor appearing in a couple of major franchise blockbuster movies. [...]

The Radio Facts Top 20 Urban and Urban AC Programmers of 2012

 DISCLAIMER: Radio Facts and our affiliates had NOTHING to do with the voting. Please see the rules that we posted below:Vote for 2012 Radio...

11 Ways to Grow your Radio, Media or Industry Career

After being in the industry for 25 years. I can honestly say there is very little that I would have done differently. I get asked these questions all the time by industry people and wanted to use this forum to address some of the ways that we sabotage our own careers. I've made some of these mistakes as well but no experience is a bad experience if you learn from it and there's ALWAYS a silver lining in every cloud. If there's something I missed let me know with a comment.. Enjoy... [...]

10 Life-Changing Things To Do BY 35 You’ll be GLAD You did at 50!

Radio Facts: This is specifically for people in and out of the industry under 35 because you are not yet stuck in your ways and afraid of change. While it may seem like it will take forever to get from the age of 35 to 50, it is actually only 15 years. You would truly be amazed at what you can accomplish in that time if you make the right moves by the time you turn 35. Working in the music and radio industry, I've seen people go from wealthy to food stamps. [...]