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Black Lion Teams Up with Create Music Group

Black Lion, a company set to revolutionize catalog analysis and acquisition with its proprietary valuation engine, today announced a strategic partnership with Create Music Group, one of the world’s leading independent music and entertainment companies. Create Music Group will leverage Black Lion’s valuation engine...

SoundExchange Names Peter Karafotas as SVP of Government Relations & Public Policy

Veteran Capitol Hill executive tapped to lead legislative and advocacy efforts SoundExchange, the premier music tech organization powering the future of music, announced today the appointment of Peter Karafotas as Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy. Karafotas is based in Washington, D.C.,...



Radio Facts Spotlight: Rising Radio Star Ferrari Simmons

We like to catch up with today's rising stars in the industry and here is a feature on one of them. Ferrari Simmons. enjoy the interview. [...]

Radio Facts Talks Branding with Hard Rock Hotels Global Director of Music Marketing, Matt Watts

Radio Facts Talks Branding with Hard Rock Hotels Global Director of Music Marketing, Matt Watts Bali, Macau, Punta Cana, Singapore, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Ibiza are all places on the [...]

Leon Haywood Passes, Daughter Talks to Radio Facts

Without a doubt nobody can ever forget Leon Haywood's huge 1975 smash "I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You" an infectious song that raced up the charts and was considered racy for the time was also re-introduced to a whole new generation (the sample) by Dr. [...]

Who is Angela Watson? iHeart Radio Pro Talks to Radio Facts

Angela Watson a.k.a. “Uptown Angela” is New Orleans SVP of Programming as well as an on-air jock for iHeartRadio's WQUE (Q93) in New Orleans, LA.  She is in charge of overseeing a total of eight radio stations.  She's hard working and respected in the industry and well deserving of being in our first annual Women of Color in Radio issue.  Another industry vet, Jamillah Muhammad, interviewed Angela.  See the entire interview on JAMILLAH MUHAMMAD: How would you describe yourself?UPTOWN ANGELA: Mom, wife, funny girl, chick with the tea, fitness pal, cool boss... [...]

RF Quick 5: Marci Kenon, BIM co-founder/CEO Talks Breaking Indie Music

We were first introduced to BIM due to their upcoming Executive Suite series. What is BIM and the Executive Suite? BIM or Breaking Indie Music is essentially an online site that is a platform for music talent and a resource for executives looking for talent. [...]

Spike Lee Talks to Radio Facts About Kickstarter, Bloomberg Interview and Film

Few can dispute that Spike Lee is a film legend. I remember living in Atlanta in the mid 80s and hearing this HUGE buzz about She's Gotta Have it especially around the Atlanta University center where Spike was once a student. I had never seen such anticipation for a movie from the black community and the movie was a huge hit and the beginning of a lucrative career in the film industry for Lee that has lasted almost 30 years. [...]


Best 90s Rhythm and Blues Groups, Black Male Singers

... The post Best 90s Rhythm and Blues Groups, Black Male Singers first appeared on Digital and Radio Facts.

The Undeniable Top 10 BEST Studio Headphones

Digital and Radio Facts In the last few years, the world has become obsessed with headphones, especially those that come with a celebrity endorsement. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent are just two of the celebrity moguls that have leaped into the world of sound from a different perspective. [...]

10 Signs of a Fake Music Promoter

Quite often, we get requests here at Radio Facts to work records or people want us to provide references for promoters. While there are some great promoters out there, one of the many detriments of the music business continues to be the “fake promoter.” Whether promoting directly to radio or being hired as an independent by a music company, the fraudulent promoter continues to mar the industry with lies, lack of credibility, poor judgment and weak follow through. To that end, there could also be more work on the part of the person hiring them too. [...]

Doug e. Fresh’s “The Show” and 10 other Captivating R&B Classics that Never Die

There are certain songs in the R&B genre like Doug E. Fresh's The Show that seem to captivate the audience, last forever and never die. Here are a few of them. These are not ALL the songs you still hear today, just some of them.

10 Inspiring Things We can All Learn from Steve Harvey

10 Inspiring Things We can All Learn from Steve Harvey steve harvey is certainly not the first Black man to break all the rules of Hollywood and to garner massive success for his brand. Before Harvey, tyler perry a virtual unknown did the same thing and beyond going from a homeless man to earning the respect as one of the most brilliant businessmen in Hollywood. [...]

10 Best Cities For Musicians to Live

Best Cities for Musicians to Live in For Musician and Average Rent Prices per City "Back in the day on the boulevard of Linden, we use to kick routines..." Ok, I never grew up on Linden in Queens, NY, as  A Tribe Called Quest did, but back in the day, most musicians would tell you that you had to journey to New York or Los Angeles if were seeking that priceless record deal. [...]