Rickey Smiley Discusses Chris Rock’s Mother Take on the Will Smith Slap, “He Really Slapped Me” (Video)


Rickey Smiley discussed Chris Rock’s mother’s take on Will Smith assaulting her son. Chris Rock’s mother, Rosalie Rock, commented on Will Smith Slapping her son at the 94 annual Academy Awards show.

“Will you reacted to your wife giving you the side-eye, and you went and made her day because she was mulled over laughing when it happened,” Rosalie said.

From her home, Rosalie watched the Oscars and saw the attack when it happened. At first, the mother thought the incident was staged, she said. Then she realized the truth when she heard Smith yelling obscenities.

“When he slapped Chris, he slapped all of us,” Rosalie said. “He really slapped me. No one even heard his speech. No one was able to just be in the moment because everyone was sitting there like what just happened.”

Rosalie also made it clear that she believed the apology from Smith was insufficient.

“I really feel bad that he never apologized. I mean, his people wrote up a piece on Instagram, saying I apologize to Chris Rock. But you see, something like that is personal. You reach out.” she said.

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