Westwood One and Imperative Entertainment’s Podcast Division Launch True


Imperative Entertaiment’s First Weekly Series Begins Today 

CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One and Imperative Entertainment today premieres TRUE, a weekly podcast that features often weird, but always true stories of strange events and unforgettable moments. Each episode explores unusual, obscure, sometimes funny, sometimes creepy stories. Stories that are so bizarre that you won’t believe that they’re real… but they are, because they’re TRUE. The podcast series debuts today on all major podcast platforms. Westwood One partners with Imperative Entertainment to distribute, market, and monetize all their existing and forthcoming podcasts. 

New episodes include topics such as: 

  • ‘Balloon Boy’ – In October 2009, the Heene family claimed their six-year-old son was trapped in a homemade helium-filled gas balloon shaped to resemble a flying saucer. 
  • ‘Pigeon King’ – The story of how Arlan Galbraith used pigeons to scam millions of dollars from small town farmers, mostly Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites, across Canada and the US. 
  •  ‘Real-life Superheroes’ – Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Spider Man. The Avengers. The Fantastic Four. When we think of superheroes, these are usually our ‘go-to’ figures from popular culture. In recent years, a unique cohort of concerned citizens from around the world has drawn inspiration from the big screen and comics alike. 

Erik Krosby is the creator, host and producer of the series and Jason Hoch, President of Imperative Entertainment’s Podcast Division, is an Executive Producer. 

TRUE marks the seventh series from Imperative Entertainment’s podcast division. Podcast series include In the Red ClayThe SyndicateAmerican Skyjacker: The Final Flight of Martin McNallyThe Baron of BotoxBoomtown, and Gangster House

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