Rick Party Shares Challenge of Helping Parents While Starting New Syndicated Show



    Rick Party’s Honest Approach to The Industry and Social Media is Commendable.

    I have always had the greatest respect for Rick Party. He’s a brilliant talent, and entrepreneur and he a family man. He constantly posts things about his daughter who is a successful dancer, his sons, and his youngest daughter. But what’s most impressive about Rick is that he is also not afraid to post his challenges, unlike many people on social media, who consistently attempt to project a perfect life which we all know doesn’t exist.

    In a recent post (see below) Rick posted a very touching video of his mom who is fighting cancer and his father who is battling Dementia meeting after not seeing each other for two weeks. The video on Facebook has garnered over 30,000 views with well-wishers and supporters.

    If you are between the ages of 45 and 65 you can certainly relate to what it’s like to split yourself in many different directions, your parents, who need you more and more, your children who may need you at any time, your career which YOU need and YOUR life, which is often last if at all.

    It’s truly amazing how your love for your parents and kids can override any hint of exhaustion or industry pretentiousness. I’d like to thank Rick for his honesty and willingness to share his story with the industry.  I told Rick that I have never in my entire career in the industry seen anyone ever talk about “The sandwich years.”

    He was willing to speak on his situation. Let’s all keep Rick’s parents and Rick in our prayers.


    KEVIN ROSS: Do your parents still reside in Chicago? 

    RICK PARTY: Yes! They do. For over 30 years, my parents have resided on the Southside of Chicago in the Auburn/Gresham neighborhood. In fact, our home is located on the main block that was used to film the movie “Chiraq” starring Nick Cannon.

    What are some of the great things that you can say about your mother and father? 

    My biological parents divorced when I was 2 years old, so my stepfather has been in my life since I was 2 years old. I do not call him nor do I refer to him as my step-dad.  I simply call him “Dad.” He was a hard worker, starting as a janitor in his company, then working himself up the ladder to the top of corporate America in the shipping/receiving industry. I have found in him everything a small child could want in a father.  He was a true protector and provider.

    My mother, an educator, in the Chicago Public Schools, made sure my siblings and I received the best education at school and at home.  She was very strict and had many rules for us to follow or suffer the consequences.  As an adult, I now understand why she was like that and I am so grateful for this superwoman

    My mother was also moonlighting as seamstress/tailor/designer/event planner. She enjoyed designing wedding dresses and the entire event that surrounded weddings. Everyone admired her creations.  To this day, my mother has remained keenly aware of new trends in fashion and always looks so beautiful.

    What does it feel like to start and a new chapter (syndication) and to be needed more than ever by your parents at the same time? 

    Honestly, it hurts like hell. I wish I could spend every waking moment with my mother, but that is not possible.  My mother has actually reminded me of my purpose in life and encouraged me to continue to use this new platform to bring it to fruition. My syndicator, Westwood one/ Cumulus, has also greatly helped by making its studio in Chicago available to me anytime that I need to or want to spend time with my mother.  I actually accepted its offer and just spent five days with her.  Thus, I can not wish for anything else.  I speak to my mom every day and I intend to travel back and forth and have quality time with her.

    You have a young daughter and adult children how are they doing and have they been able to assist? 

    Sadly, my younger children lost their maternal grandmother, Mimi, to cancer recently so this is a lot for them. As far as my youngest, she just knows that “grandmother” is in the hospital, but I am not sharing the full details with her. My older children are superheroes, though my eldest child is married, he and his wife do everything they can to assist rather near or far.

    Rick Party and his wife “Mrs. Party”

    You talked about your wife taking over your company, you seem to have a great support system. Tell us about that.

    My wife gets the MVP trophy! She is the manager for Rick Party, the talent.  As such, she provides me with exceptional guidance on all aspects of my career.  She advises and counsels me concerning professional matters, and personal decisions that may have an impact on my career.  Additionally, she is the CEO of Rick Party Media.  She deals with our short-term and long-term strategies and company decisions.  She implements the company’s vision and evaluates its success in reaching its goals. I could not do it all without her.

    What advice would you give other industry people who are dealing with aging parents, career and children? 

    Never forget that everyone’s time here is limited, including yours and that of your parents and children, so do not get caught up in the trappings of “fame.”  Spending quality time with your loved ones MUST be a priority.  Remind yourself that everything that you have, you built, you laid those bricks, so don’t be afraid to step away from it all if your parents need you the most. You can always rebuild it, but time is what you can never get back once it is gone and time works against our parents as they age and get weaker or sick.

    Anything else?

    Life can be tough, but God always provides a way.  I rely a lot on my faith to get me through the ups and downs of daily living.  Every day is a blessing and I want to maximize each one to its fullest.  

     When dad saw mom!After being without the love of his life for nearly 2 weeks, due to him dealing with his dementia, the reunion between mom & dad was very emotional ❤️Please keep them in your prayers ??Posted by Rick Pаrty on Sunday, January 20, 2019

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