The 50 Hottest Women Of Radio


OK it’s from earlier this year but blog Pop Crunch has an interesting take on the 50 Hottest women in Radio. Check it out… K

Via Pop Crunch: Let me tell you, the old saying “she’s got a face for radio” has a lot of truth to it. A lot of Truth. We know this now after compiling our 50 hottest women of radio, which is hand s down the toughest top 50 we’ve ever done. It’s not as if putting together a list of the 50 hottest Victoria’s Secret models is all that hard, since virtually any Victoria’s Secret model could have arguably made that list, since they are all beautiful. This is not true of radio personalities.

We had to do a lot of research. We scoured every major media market in the United States, looking at countless radio station websites and going through hundreds of Myspaces to come up with our top 50. It did turn out that there were plenty of cute women for our list, but next time I think we’ll stick to something a little easier. Read on to see if any of the hotties from your hometown stations made the cut:

via [see images of women here].


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