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WOW: Look at what Voters are saying about Top 20 Radio Shows!!!

This is by far our BIGGEST contest yet. So much so that we have had to adjust the database to handle the votes. I encourage you to vote for yourself if you are not on the list so that we can encourage others to vote for you when they see your show.

WOW LOOK, It’s Rebbie Jackson

Radio Facts: The World Premiere of Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon - 11/02/2011  -   The Empire Cinema, Rebbie Jackson.

WOW: Beach Pic of Lisa Bonet

Radio Facts: Pics of Lisa Bonet on the beach in Hawaii recently.

WOW: Solange Knowles Sans Wig Looks GREAT

The blogs were really hard on Solange for cutting her hair but I think she looks good. Singer Solange Knowles promotes Samantha Thavasa...

WOW: Look at Whitney Houston in NY

Whitney at the premiere for her new CD "I Look toYou" last night in New York at the The Allen Room at Jazz...

WOW: Look at Gladys Knight

Radio Facts: Below is a press release but Gladys looks great for 65... Los Angeles, CA - R&B icon Gladys Knight, 65, has always personified the essence of style, grace and soul.

Bow Wow Stops by WUSL in Philly (pics)

A few shots of night Radio DJs, the Hot Boyz (Mikey Dredd & Uncle O) with Bow Wow. He stopped by the Power...


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