Should Radio DJs Consider Changing The Title?


 I can’t help but to wonder with all the recent changes with a corporation and their need to eliminate a radio from their forte how long it will take before radio DJ catch on and change the title. I get a ton of emails talking about how radio is still on top how much money Radio still generating and how I feel the choice of North American I don’t believe all that information I think that radio will be around as long as it remains relevant part of it’s relevant for you if the change because the radio concept is changed I am Ploor you 

radio djs

I am poor everyone reading the prayer 15 people around them what they listen to when I get in the car old and young do your own version of the portable people meter young people under the age of 25 are barely aware that radio even exist which is really unfortunate that doesn’t mean there is an a market for it I believe that but alphabet leaf the term radio is becoming an antiquated concept and corporations like I heart accumulate and I heart and Entercom understand it the fake

The fact is extremely hot for the longest time Entercom purchased it and name the year Kevin, and now with her name change they completely eliminated the site that is a short signal that corporations involved in broadcasting wife will be viewed as Multimedia corporation but how does that fit with the Jack‘s whenever the time DJ is used most people immediately related to The white multi million dollar EDM DJs or club DJs first one case they want to be a DJ they are talking about the same DJ they are rarely if ever talking about radio DJs to be a radio DJ is just not enough anymore do you have to be all encompassing so human and I’ll top of that a lot of corporations see it as an antiquated term upon changing the name from Radio Facts to digital and Radio Facts I thought immediate explosion of interest in the face and I was able to Felton were quiet

As long as I was called Radio Facts the first thing they always said was we’re not interested in radio we’re interested in online and digital these were a lot of major companies.

I think so large extent syndication will take over commercial radio I don’t think commercial radio is going to have a lot of choice in order to compete with all the incoming broadcast networks we’re gonna have to get rid of one or two things for Jack’s for the commercials which one do you think it will be.

To that end, smart jacks need to start planning a future dish jockey radio DJ ready announcer are pretty much no longer valid terms for people who want to succeed in the broadcast profession broadcast tech or broadcast technician might be someone of a better option to use as you add your ability to run the clubhouse rooms which as of this week and now paying have a monetization situation and the other rooms that will be popping up soon and are basically chat rooms

If you have noticed I heard it’s pretty much bought up all the major podcast company and they want to own that industry which is actually pretty smart because I can sell it as a free product with their rocket Radio Station these corporations are so adamant about changing their image that they change their entire name that’s pretty savvy I’m pretty swift they’re starting from scratch they don’t want any affiliation with who they want to wear. What does that leave radio announcers a broadcast text Elise you in a position to growTo grow what you do and who you are.

I want time I was very much against indication and then when he started advertising I realized I was wrong you’re just joking seriously, I was very much against indication because I thought it rumor chance of Zox moving to Morningfield now I realize the radio corporations are actually pretty savvy to do that why pay 50 Jackson different market to do something you can hire one celebrity to do they come with a name recognition and you can just have Radio people go in for doing what they can’t do like whatever they can’t do.

At the end of the day the real message here is they come with something that Jack’s need to understand is the most important thing if they wanna continue to have a career in the broadcast industry they come with leverage if you were only a radio DJ you don’t have much leverage the question is what else can you do can you host a Clubhouse chat can you sell can you bring your social media what else can you do

I think social media is about to become anti-

Social media has also taken a hard-hit we are no longer interested since Covid and seeing what you’re eating or you hung up with your friends are you putting on make up those things will be nothing but people are dying people one information and they will go and they will get it but I thought my clubhouse is actually an old concept but it allows people to talk about Relations if you have never heard of Clubhouse I implore you to tune in as an excellent shows on there and I will be hosting a few shows in the near future as well

I absolutely love technology even at my age in my 50s I am age grade afraid of it I don’t wanna deal with it then if you promise of it for Tunity‘s I think it’s a huge opportunity everything from NF tees to TikTok to clubhouse and other forms of communication I’ve been saying for years that social media is going to start charging people for cats especially major celebrities. They’d be dumb not to know celebrities are making millions off of their platform why when they want to pay for that

Once that trickles down to the average person with only 5000 friends how is that going to affect you deeply the most valuable thing you can have in your arsenal online his email addresses over the years I’ve collected 72,000 of them and a woman called me not long ago actually asked me for my list when I got through laughing I told her no and she was offended company took me 26 years to bill everyone from celebrities to industry people private email address is a major industry people if you want me to give it to her so that she could ask people to vote that was not gonna happen it is valuable because it gives you a direct connection to your audience I have been paying for use it for years because I see the value I was not gonna be fooled by social media getting 1 million followers and if I get shut down or they decide to charge I will contact all those people.

Facebook at the Prime in Crowne Hill coming started out never you want it then they started charging and I’m top of that they limiting who can see your post on your live The less than 1/3 of the people you have to pay now to promote your post which is actually brilliant on their behalf they make a ton of money with that sell at the end of the day my point is everything not only my chain but it will change as we know it right now but one thing that is the greatest area that will change his radio music industry will be fine he will find ways to survive and continue to make the money they make the radio on so many corporations was already so much debt have to be outrageously creativeAnd there are a few corporations that are still very much behind. Think about it

Think about it give me a list and I heart company for a bit around for years literally change their name to completely change their image and start from scratch they didn’t come across

They absolutely don’t call them selves radio corporations anymore they called them selves Multimedia organization I want again I have to ask Jack what are you gonna start calling yourself I like the term broadcast tax broadcast admissions that way you ain’t compass so many other arenas such as healthy clubhouse rooms podcast audio books VoiceOver and Radio which will probably Turner Broadcasting itself so the radio DJ that’s one thing I broadcast tech there’s a lot more just something to think about I know that if I was still in Radio that is absolutely what I would be putting on my card I love the industry has been very good to me I don’t one thing I really love about it is the fact that a kind of family changes with revised opportunities but also shut some people out and the three kids want to shout out it’s very difficult to get back in but the more you diversify your skill for longer your work just a thought radio DJ should now be broadcast technicians

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