Tyra Leaving Talk Show? Smart Move, Here's Why


Radio Facts: tyra-banks-the-tyra-banks-show-and-tracy-reese-bring-fashion-week-to-the-new-york-port-authority-0kB2lKTyra seems to be getting some premiere advice from someone close who is business savvy. Perhaps it is her who is making these decisions but everyone in Hollywood knows the 5-year mark means syndication, which means the star(s) of the show could be paid for a lifetime. steve harvey is still getting paid from his show, Jamie Foxx is still getting paid from his show. It was rumored when Good Times was canceled all the actors EXCEPT Janet Jackson took a lump sum and signed off their rights to residuals. Janet was being advised by her father Joe and Good Times is still in syndication almost 30 years after being canceled. She is supposedly the only one getting paid. Someone probably suggested that Tyra not become an old lady doing that show (no pun intended Oprah) and that she expand while she still has youth. Brilliant move, plant the seed and move on while it grows on its own. Tyra will be focusing on producing movies after the show ends. Some people swear the show has not been on for 5 years and it hasn’t. Several shows are now taped 2 seasons in one year (season’s on average are 20-26 episodes)