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Who Will Replace Doug Banks?

The industry has had several shocks this year with the deaths of many notable icons in the music realm and a true icon in the radio arena Doug Banks’ passing was a shock to everyone. At this point as the old adage goes, “The show must go on” the question is with who?
We have heard that Wendy Williams wants to get back into radio and whether you like her or not, she certainly deserves a space and syndication could take her much further than urban radio. American Urban Radio Networks, the company that syndicated the Doug Banks show, could certainly use someone like Wendy.
DeDe McGuire resigned from the show with Banks in 2014 but she would also be a great candidate since the audience is most familiar with her and it could work well if she could syndicate her current morning show in Dallas at KKDA as a replacement. How about Guy Black who had been filling in for Doug, Rick Party? We’d like to know your thoughts?
We have not heard any other names at this point but it will be interesting to see who it is. Perhaps a new talent? When we know you will too.  Feel free to comment.



  1. Guy Black and/ or Dee Dee..Guy would be hilarious and he’s a seasoned broadcaster (major market experience ) who would bring value to the audience which could translate into revenue…
    Dee Dee good broadcaster, the DB audience knows her provides for some form of continuity and allows her to grow

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  3. Rudy Rush and Marcy should host the show. Replace DeeDe and bring Marcy to the front. DeeDe mispronounces too many words and names, misses too many days, and she’s not funny. RIP D.B.

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  7. Really ? — a replacement for Doug Banks — No, that’s not possible. Often imitated but never duplicated that’s Doug Banks. And those that were mentioned as possible replacements are great personalities in their own right. Now who is the next personality worthy of a syndicated show might be a better question? There will never be anyone on the box LIKE DOUG BANKS. As for me, I don’t want anymore/another “SYNDICATED” show. I’d rather for the industry to put some “local” talents in the markets where Doug was. Create another 100 or so opportunities for some other talents that may need and want a job. Being from Chicago I had the opportunity to appreciated Doug as a talent before syndication. Radio like politics should always be local… No more syndication and consolidation in radio….. Just my take.

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  9. Dee Dee McGuire not Dee Dee Renee! She was not good! Marcy was way better and more popular! I also think Michael Baisden and Rick Party are also good choices! Just don’t bring back Dee Dee Renee! Doug Banks will be hard to replace, therefore it has to be a strong radio personality!

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  12. We Should hired Michael Baisden on Doug Banks show and he hilarious, and familiar with V103 Family! And we need a Bad Boy Radio and shutting stuff down and everything is everything.

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  14. Please not DeeDee Renee or too country Marcy, both horrible, low hanging fruit! Please upgrade to a more contemporary conversations, so tired of the mama baby , daddy maybe topics, and we so horny. We’re much more interesting and complex than that. I would enjoy Michael Baisden or Tom Joyner with George Wilbourn as the side kick.

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  18. In my opinion to bring up the ratings these are my recommendations:
    Michael Baisden, George Wilbourn, Bonnie DeShong and DeeDee Renee
    This is. 4 star team
    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion
    Linda Mc – St

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