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Radio Facts Top 10 Best Cities For Musicians to Live

Best Cities for Musicians to Live in For Musician and Average Rent Prices per City "Back in the day on the boulevard of Linden, we use to kick routines..." Ok, I never grew up on Linden in Queens, NY as  A Tribe Called Quest did but back in the day, most musicians would tell you that you had to

10 Most Frequent Questions Music and Radio Industry People Ask Radio Facts

Over the years there are certain questions that I get asked repeatedly. I am Kevin Ross the founder and CEO of Radio Facts and here I will disclose the answers to the most popular questions that I have repeatedly been asked.

Radio Facts 2014 Best Urban Mainstream Radio Stations

Every year Radio Facts takes a listen to stations around the country and determines which ones have the best on air presentation. For 2014, these are our pics.

Best Electric Guitar R&B Songs of All Time

Electric Guitar Used in Great R&B ClassicsIsley Brothers "Voyage to Atlantis"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh6lGI1bOkwPrince - "When Doves Cry"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG3VcCAlUgEOhio Players "Love Rollercoaster"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBkVV9xxCHEChic "Good Times"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLTDpewIpfw

Top Black 90s Female Singers

We gave you the Top 10 Male R&B groups from the 90's and now it's time for us to give you something for the ladies. Again, the 90's was a great time for urban music as a whole but 90's R&B was a good balance of edgy meeting elegance.

Beasley Media Group Ta’s 92.5 MAXIMA Raises $138,570 to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research...

Beasley Media Group Ta announces 92.5 MAXIMA raised $138,570 for the children battling terminal illnesses at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

iHeartMedia Ta Bay Welcomes “The Dave Ramsey Show” To 1250 WHNZ

1250 WHNZ, Ta Bay’s Impact Radio, welcomes “The Dave Ramsey Show” to the afternoon program lineup. The popular syndicated show will make its move to the Ta airwaves and broadcast weekdays from 2 p.m.

Top 90’s Love Songs by Black Female Singers

... The post Top 90's Love Songs by Black Female Singers first appeared on Digital and Radio Facts.

Jemelle Hill Tells Cari Chion the Moment She Knew She Was a Black Woman...

I'm pretty sure now most people know who close Jemelle Hill and Cari Chion are. Both women left the world of ESPN to bet on themselves and it is refreshing to see these two women supporting one another.

DARF TV Added to ABTN – A Big TV Network

Last week we shared the inspiring story of Sean "Swift" Walker and his emerging ABTN television network, which is available via Roku TV. We interviewed Mr. Walker and spoke about the importance of a Black-owned network and controlling our content and so much more.

James Tillman shares “Things To Say” single & announces sophomore album’Modern Desires’ out Oct...

James Tillman shares "Things To Say" single & announces sophomore album'Modern Desires' out Oct 9Brooklyn-based alt R&B artist, James Tillman announces his sophomore album, Modern Desires, and shares new single "Things To Say," out today. The forthcoming 8-track LP arrives on October 9, 2020.

The Late Kenny Diamond Named a Georgia Radio Hall of Fame Inductee

The late great Sidney Wood, aka "Kenny Diamond" will be immortalized as an inductee in the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. The virtual awards presentation will take place Sept 14, 2020.

Woman from Wild Wings Contacts Radio Facts , States Black Patrons Asked to Leave...

This story was orginally posted on August 26, 2013. The irony is that the company has had repeated claims of racial discrimination since. They are involed in one as you read this.A woman contacted Radio Facts who works at the Wild Wings restaurant that asked the black patrons to leave.

The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers

Radio Facts:Love has been sung about in Soul Music in a myriad of ways: philosophically, poetically, sexually…in glorious full bloom, in grey rainy reflection…to win someone once, to win them again…to reconcile, to walk away.
The Undeniable Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups of All Time

The Undeniable Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups of All Time

Digital and Radio Facts: Best Black Female Singers in the The Top 10 Best Female Groups of All Time.