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Kashon Powell – Women of Color in Media, Radio Executive of the Year

Hassahn Liggins
Kashon Powell is a respected industry vet who is this year’s Women of Color in Media, Radio Executive of the Year honoree.  She started her...
Industry Profiles

LIFE AFTER RADIO: Former Detroit Jock Reggie Reg Davis Segues to the Political Arena

Kevin Ross
RadioFacts is now committed to SHOWING urban radio people how to diversify their skills and to use their leverage in communications to build a career...
Industry Profiles mostread2019 Radio and Music Industry News

Brian McKnight Talks about New Project and the Changing Music Industry

Kevin Ross
  About eight or nine years ago I was asked to attend a Brian McKnight concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. While I...
Industry Profiles mostread2019 Tom Joyner

iHeartMedia’s EVP Urban Doc Wynter on Preparing For Radio’s Future and Expanding Reach

Kevin Ross
“… this new generation wasn’t necessarily brought up on radio. I’ve found that there are more people that are actually passionate about hip-hop… “ Doc Wynter...
Industry Profiles Radio and Music Industry News Sybil Wilkes Tom Joyner

Sybil Wilkes Talks to RadioFacts about New Job and Working with Tom Joyner

Jazmyne Summers
I've been blessed to do something that I love. And despite the hours, you know, and getting up at one o'clock and two o'clock and...
Industry Profiles Radio and Music Industry News Tom Joyner

Rick Party Talks to RadioFacts Reveals Childhood Challenge that led to his Success

Kevin Ross
I started my radio career in Chicago in the ’80s, as a bullied teenager, I found hope listening to Earl Boston on WBMX. I would...
Industry Profiles Radio and Music Industry News

Mitch Faulkner Speaks on Induction into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

Michael Mitchell
“Hey, Guys, most of you know Already but if not, I was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame This Past October, I could not...
1st Wave Industry Profiles Radio and Music Industry News Rickey Smiley Morning Show Uncategorized

Rickey Smiley talks to Radio Facts on New Book and “Being Difficult” to work with

Kevin Ross
Rickey Smiley is an incredibly entertaining comedian and radio host. He's been doing his syndicated radio show for 12 years now but he continues to...

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