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iHeartMedia Jackson Announces the Debut of The New Real 105.1

RadioFacts: iHeartMedia Jackson announced today the debut of The New Real 105.1, Jackson’s New #1 For Hip Hop and R&B, effective immediately.

Sherri Shepherd Talks about The View, Her Ex-Husband and Losing Trust in God

Sherri Shepherd stopped by to talk with The Breakfast Club Radio Show about losing faith in God, How her family viewed her stand-up, Her new show and movie and what it was like being a guest on the View and more.Check out the interview below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HB9_9zlXd4[/embed]
T.I Talks Avoiding Mediocrity and Saving Lives with The Breakfast Club Radio Show

T.I Talks Avoiding Mediocrity and Saving Lives with The Breakfast Club Radio Show

Radio Facts: T.I  stops by Power 105.1 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club Radio Show about avoiding a mediocre lifestyle,  Iggy Azalea's success, maintaining his sanity in a crazy industry, his marriage and more.https://youtu.be/uqSbgWc0AiQ
Steve Rifkind Regrets Not Signing Jay Z

Steve Rifkind Regrets Not Signing Jay Z

Radio Facts: I'm sure every veteran music executive wants to kick themselves in the ass for that one person they had to chance to sign but didn't. In an interview with The Breakfast Club Radio Show, industry veteran, Steve Rifkind talks about the time he could have signed Jay Z and didn't. Although Steve had a very successful career in the business, he potentially passed up the opportunity to be a part of a future empire.


Radio Facts Quick 5: Steve Hegwood Expands Successful “Streetz” Radio Brand to Charlotte, NC

It's always great to hear success stories in radio especially from industry entrepreneurs. Radio Facts did a Quick 5 with radio great Steve Hegwood to talk about his new Streetz station in Charlotte.
RADIO FACTS:  Tell us about your new venture and why you decided to do it.   Charlotte is 22% African American and in the Southeast part of the U.S. it fits the Acquisition Strategy for Core Communicators Broadcasting LLC.

RF: Will The Breakfast Club Radio Show be on in this market as well? 
SH: I will announce the morning show soon.

RF: Will there be anything different with the Charlotte station or will it be the same as Atlanta  -
SH: Charlotte and Atlanta are alike in many ways, however Streetz 103.3 will be designed just for Charlotte! Local Mix Shows, Local Personalities, remotes local contest and  Community events

RF: Did you get a response from the recent interview we did on Streetz in Atl? 
SH: Lot's of Great Comments on the Story about Streetz 94.5 In Atlanta. The Press allowed a number of industry people to take a good long look at our success in the Atlanta market ... Thanks Kev. (see previous interview here)

Radio Facts Podcast on Hiatus.. Should we continue?

imagesThere is SO much that we could have talked about this week on the Radio Facts Podcast. The changes at Unviersal, Frankie Knuckles, The Breakfast Club Radio Show's premiere nationwide and This is Hot 97. Damn I miss doing the show…. We had a great amount of fun doing the Radio Facts Podcast too. This is a radio show for the industry about the industry and we spoke for many who can't speak for themselves on various topics and issues. Before I put the show on hiatus,we were getting offers for interesting guests from the industry to talk about the industry on an even more profound level and I wanted to continue. I am confident this show would be huge by this time next year with your support. We got a TON of great feedback and wanted to continue but it's very costly and time consuming. I was literally doing everything myself, recording, editing, uploading etc. Here is our most recent show (below) . In total, the show got a total of 140,000 plus listens worldwide.  I would like to continue the show and charge a fee of $2.99 per month for four episodes each month but I want to be sure we have the interest from the industry. While I am sure MOST of the interest for the show comes from people outside the scope who are interested in the industry, the industry is our target first. If you would like for us to continue the broadcast weekly make a donation in any amount by clicking the PayPal link. I'm talking especially to all the people who told us how much they loved the show and beyond… we certainly appreciate your compliments but would love to see a donations to continue.  If we make just $500.00 in donations by Friday, I can hire an part time editor and we will continue.  The Radio Facts Podcast was a very unique industry show and as one record label VP told me this week, "We need this for the industry and those coming into it." Now's the time to act folks…. Make a donation (on the right sidebar) and help us... help the industry.The rest of the shows are HERE

Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta Drops Rashan Ali and Miss Sophia for New York’s Breakfast...

bcThe morning show syndication wars thicken as The Breakfast Club makes headway into more markets, this time Atlanta at Streetz 94.5. The morning show with Rashan Ali and Miss Sophia has been dropped for the Breakfast Club which starts Monday. This is a great move for Streetz. The Breakfast Club should do very well in Atlanta and the station should see an immediate jump in ratings.
Ashanti Talks Murder Inc. New Deal, Nelly, and Everything Else

Ashanti Talks Murder Inc. New Deal, Nelly, and Everything Else

Radio Facts: Ashanti stops by The Breakfast Club Radio Show and she talked about everything from her and Irv Gotti not speaking for years, Murder, Inc. falling apart, her relationship with Nelly, and much more.

Charlamagne Responds to Kanye – "He is Acting Like a Single Bitter B*tch"

Radio Facts: Kanye West ranted at his Valentines Day show about Charlamagne basically telling him "F*ck You" so the Breakfast Club host responded to Kanye on-air.