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Do You Think A Black Man Could Purposely Ram a Police Car Twice and...

Another day and another instance where Police show their restraint and are able to peacefully detain a White man by the name of Jeff after he rams their police car, not once, but twice. [...]

White Guy Stabs a Police Officer and Is Still Breathing (VIDEO)

How many times have we witnessed on camera some Black person being shot and killed by an officer for running away, selling CD's, sitting in car, or just being Black? That is a rhetorical question of course. [...]

D.L. Hughley Reads Jonathan Price’s Post Praising Cops But Says His Skin Got Him...

I'm sure by now most of us have heard the unfortunate story of Jonathan Price who was killed by a Wolfe City, Texas police officer, Shaun Lucas who has now been charged with murder. [...]

Former Cop Details Why Black People Are Targeted by Police (VIDEO)

If you are Black then most likely you know that it feels different when we get pulled over. Most can speak of experiences where nothing wrong was done but somehow we ended up feeling like it was. [...]

White Man Does What Black People Can’t Do With Police (VIDEO)

Want to see a White man resist arrest, fight the police officer, and tell the police what is not going to happen, and still remain alive or not shot? [...]

Seattle Cop Leisurely Rolls His Bike Over the Head of an Injured Protester

It's almost like a script - an unarmed Black person is killed, people protest, and then the level of policing the protesters further perpetuates the problem. The level of disrespect by some of these officers is horrendous. [...]

Former New York Cop Tells Current Police Officers Stop Blaming Black Guys and Call...

The saying, "It takes one to know one" comes to mind when watching this video. This former New York City Police Officer breaks down what is wrong with the current state of policing in this country. He says police want to be military and not police officers. [...]

Black Mother Stands Up to Cop and Refuses to Let Her Son Become a...

A Black Mother in Elk Grove California was not having it with this female officer. Her son was pulled over in front of their house for running a stop sign. [...]

Larenz Tate Gets Real About Raising Black Sons

Name one White parent or family who has to tell their son to "take the hood off" at night because you might be mistaken for a Black male, adult, or threat. [...]

How Many Black Fathers Feel Like Robert Horry: If a Cop Ends You, I...

It is truly rough out here in these streets for Black people when it comes to systemic racism and police brutality. We all know the conversation Black parents have to have with their children about interacting with the cops. Police brutality is dominating the news cycle. [...]

That Time Will Smith Grabbed a Cop’s Gun to Protect His Friend

You want to see three friends who have known each other forever just vibe and reminisce about the good ole days, then this is the video you want to watch. Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, and Charlie Mack have been down since day one. [...]

Black Man Looks Suspicious to Police for Owning a Nice House (VIDEO)

There are many issue in the United Sates of America and one of the main ones is ironically, unity. Black people seem to often fit the description, look suspicious, or get questioned for doing every day things. [...]

New Podcast “Say Their Name” to Honor Unarmed Victims

Say Their NameDCP Entertainment, a media production and distribution company curating pivotal conversations and a platform for underrepresented voices, including people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other overlooked communities announced the launch of Say Their Name, a podcast series that will highlight and memorialize the stories of 7 [...]

Michelle Obama Admits to Depression Due to Pandemic and Racial Tension

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 11: First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama speaks during a panel discussion at Glamour Hosts "A Brighter Future: A Global Conversation on Girls' Education" with First Lady Michelle Obama at The Newseum on October 11, 2016 in Washington, DC. [...]

Protesting is a Personal Choice in the NBA

The NBA made it’s return on Thursday, it’s in a “bubble” but it’s back. Leading up to the games there was much talk about using the NBA’s platform to fight for justice, against racism and against police brutality. [...]