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DJ Envy Talks Radio, Real Estate, and The Breakfast Club

I have million-and-one jobs, but I will tell you the truth, when the money comes between the first and the fifth of the month and I get those envelopes, that feels so much better because of the work that we put in to do it.DJ EnvyWhether he is co-hosting the hottest morning show in the country, spinning records at
Creating Brand Value

Business: Make More Money by Creating Brand Value

Brand Value equals Sales VOLUME Benefits of Creating Brand ValueOften ignored ways of creating brand value. By now you should know that all the rage is on being an entrepreneur.

Elon Musk Launches’Tesla’ Tequila


Is LeBron James The GOAT After Winning His 4th Chionship?


Study Shows Music is Key to a Child's Development

Radio Facts:  As parents seek to provide their children with the best opportunities for development, neuroscience research has been proving that music education fast-tracks speech and reading skills, trains children to focus their attention for sustained periods, and helps them to develop emotional intelligence, among many other lifelong benefits.The findings from a number of studies over the last decade

A Multi-Billion Dollar Social Club? A Deeper Exploration of The Black Church

In light of just finding out many "nonprofit" churches have gotten massive PPP funding, we thought this story is relevant ... By Guest Blogger:  Roosevelt "Arje" Jackson Radio Facts - Originally posted October 8, 2013 EDITOR'S NOTE: Guest blogger submissions may or may not be the opinion of Radio Facts or its editors.

ESSENCE Study Reveals Insights On Media Portrayals Of Black Women

Radio Facts: From primetime television to cable news, African-American women consume more media than any other comparison groups, and today, there is more mass and targeted content featuring African-American women than ever before.

How to Be An Entrepreneur and What You Can Expect

Radio Facts:I learned how to be an entrepreneur by trial and error and since I am celebrating my 25th year in business I'd like to share the truth about Black Owned Businesses and MoreSo I'm celebrating my 25th year as an entrepreneur this year.

EPIC Records, Home of DJ Khalid, Future and More, Label Chairman and CEO Sylvia...

Epic Records' Chairman and CEO talks about her thoughts on the current music industry.
Great Time to Start a Business: 9 Targets for Success

Great Time to Start a Business: 9 Targets for Success

There are many types of entrepreneurs and while they may be from all walks of life they generally have a set of similar traits and an entrepreneurial spirit across the board.  Entrepreneurs are compassionate who have bigger ideas and better ideas to make the world a more efficient place with more cost effective products or greater value incentives.