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Radio Facts: 2012 White House Correspondents' Association DinnerThis morning First Lady, Michelle Obama joined Tom Joyner on his nationally syndicated radio show to discuss the importance of celebrating Black History Month and continue the journey started by our ancestors. Mrs. Obama also promoted the Affordable Care Act, one of the most important pieces of legislation in her husband’s time in the White House.The full interview from the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) can be heard on BlackAmericaWeb.com.Transcript: TOM JOYNER: And on the phone is the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama. Happy Black History Month!Michelle OBAMA: Oh, Happy Black History Month to you all. How’s everybody doing?TOM JOYNER: Everybody’s doing good.SYBIL WILKES: How are you doing?J. ANTHONY BROWN: Doing good.Michelle OBAMA: We’re doing great. You know, we …TOM JOYNER: How are the girls doing?Michelle OBAMA: They are growing up, and they need to stop it. (Laughter) But I can’t do anything about it.TOM JOYNER: I noticed how tall …J. ANTHONY BROWN: Yeah.TOM JOYNER: … they are. I haven’t seen them …Michelle OBAMA: Yeah.TOM JOYNER: … in probably six months when I came to the birthday party and they are tall.Michelle OBAMA: Yeah. They are hovering over you, aren’t they, Tom?TOM JOYNER: Yes.Michelle OBAMA: Yeah, well, they come from tall parents. But they’re doing great. We’re doing well. All is good.TOM JOYNER: Yeah.Michelle OBAMA: You know, I know you all are being hit by the weather in Chicago and I’m thinking about you, but I have to say I’m not so sad that I’m not there. (Laughter)TOM JOYNER: Yeah, you remember those days, huh?Michelle OBAMA: Oh, my gosh. I know. And with schools closing. That’s some serious stuff going on right there.TOM JOYNER: Yeah. Yeah.Michelle OBAMA: They never close schools in Chicago.TOM JOYNER: In Chicago, really. No.Michelle OBAMA: Well.TOM JOYNER: The city that works.MICHELLE OBAMA: That’s right. That’s right.SYBIL WILKES: Sometimes has to shut down, yeah.TOM JOYNER: So …MICHELLE OBAMA: But we are good here. We are absolutely good here.SYBIL WILKES: But you’re on the road and you’re talking a lot about the Affordable Healthcare Act.MICHELLE OBAMA: Absolutely. Absolutely.TOM JOYNER: And you’re talking about education too.MICHELLE OBAMA: We’re talking about education, because as Barack said in his State of the Union address, you know, what we have to focus on, particularly as we celebrate Black History Month, is not just the progress we’ve made but remember how much more work we have left to do. And we need to focus on increasing opportunity for everybody. And for this administration it means healthcare through the Affordable Care Act. It means economic mobility. It means helping our young men of color. It means making sure more kids have access to college and it’s affordable. So that’s what we’re going to be focusing on, not just this month, but for the rest of this administration, and making sure that people are signing up for healthcare is critical. Because as you all know one in five folks in the black community are uninsured. And when you don’t have insurance, you know, that means that not only are you forgoing primary care and long term care that you need. That happens in our communities. I grew up in a household where my father and grandfather would pride themselves on never going to the doctor, right? (CLICK NEXT FOR MORE OF THE CONVO)moTOM JOYNER: Mm-hmm.SYBIL WILKES: Mm-hmm.MICHELLE OBAMA: It wasn’t always a good thing. But for those who are accessing care and don’t have the means to pay for it they’re saddled with debt as a result of uncompensated care. And now with the ACA that’s a thing of the past. Millions of Americans are going to be able to access affordable healthcare, but people have to access it. And that …SYBIL WILKES: And things are good online.MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, the website issues have been improved.TOM JOYNER: Has Mrs. Robinson tested it?MICHELLE OBAMA: (Laugh)TOM JOYNER: That’s what I need to know.MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, I need to check in and see if Mrs. Robinson …TOM JOYNER: If she can work it I know it’s fixed.J. ANTHONY BROWN: That it’s user friendly.TOM JOYNER: Yeah, it’s user friendly.MICHELLE OBAMA: We’ve talked to a lot of people who found that going on it it’s easy, the language on the website is easy to understand, but it’s important for people to know that the website provides people with access to private insurance plans. There’s a myth out there that somehow the ACA is about government insurance. But this is just giving people options to affordable plans where private insurers are competing with each other. And because they’re competing and everybody could look and understand what one insurance plan is offering versus another it makes them more competitive which means that the costs come down. So right now the average person can get insurance for less than $100 a month. And that’s what I’m telling folks. It’s like, you know, for less of a cellphone bill, or the cost of a pair of tennis shoes people can have the peace of mind that we need and the access to the preventative care our community needs so that we are healthy and in the position to hold down jobs and get our education. And I’m really stressing that we need young people to sign up for insurance. And that’s what I’ve been asking the women in our communities to talk to your young men, to talk to the young women in your lives and understand that our kids cannot walk around thinking that they’re invincible. And that they’re not going to fall and slip on a piece of ice, or step on a piece of glass at the club. And, you know, if you don’t have insurance, you’re going to go to the emergency room and you’re going to walk out with thousands of dollars of debt that will stay with them for life. Which is what’s happening in our community. People, as I said, are saddled with uncompensated care. And there’s just no reason for it now.TOM JOYNER: Mmm.MICHELLE OBAMA: I’m trying to tell young people you have to insure your car in this country, correct?SYBIL WILKES: Mm-hmm.MICHELLE OBAMA: Why do we treat our cars better than we …TOM JOYNER: Better than we do our bodies?MICHELLE OBAMA: … our bodies?J. ANTHONY BROWN: Yeah.MICHELLE OBAMA: And that’s, you know, one of the things that I want to encourage your listeners to do. That if you’re listening and you have healthcare but you know that there’s somebody in your life, a young person in particular, who thinks; nah, I don’t need it, I don’t want to spend that monthly. You got to shake them and make them understand that this isn’t a joke. And that we never know what curveballs life is going to throw us. And now we don’t have to guess. We don’t have to pray and hope that things will go okay. With the AHA everybody can have access to insurance. And that’s what we need, to begin that process of economic stability and growth and competitiveness that we need in our communities to stay strong and stable. So I’ve been pushing that. And people need to sign up by the end of March.TOM JOYNER: What’s the website?MICHELLE OBAMA: Healthcare.gov.TOM JOYNER: Healthcare.gov.MICHELLE OBAMA: But people who aren’t comfortable going online, there’s a phone number, I know you guys have that, I won’t waste that, people can call. They can get in person, one on one assistance. They can go into community health clinics who are all working to get people signed up, if they want to sit down with somebody, there are a lot of providers out there that are reaching out and I just urge people to, you know, if they aren’t comfortable going online they can do this in person as well and they can use the phone number to find out how to get help I their area.TOM JOYNER: All right.MICHELLE OBAMA: But we have to get our folks signed up for insurance.TOM JOYNER: All right, Mrs. First Lady.MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, so that’s one of the things I’m doing this February. What you all doing? (Laughter)SYBIL WILKES: Well, we celebrate black history every day.TOM JOYNER: Every day.J. ANTHONY BROWN: Every day.MICHELLE OBAMA: Every day. That’s what I tell my kids every day. Because our young people have to, you know, they have to understand where we come from in order to know where we go to go.TOM JOYNER: That’s right.MICHELLE OBAMA: We still have a lot of work to do. A lot of work left to do in our communities.TOM JOYNER: Good job. The First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama.SYBIL WILKES: Black history, right here. (Laugh)TOM JOYNER: Black history, right here.J. ANTHONY BROWN: Every day.MICHELLE OBAMA: (Laugh)TOM JOYNER: All right?MICHELLE OBAMA: All right.TOM JOYNER: Tell the big chief I said hello.MICHELLE OBAMA: I will. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you all. You all be good, okay?TOM JOYNER: All right, homie.J. ANTHONY BROWN/SYBIL WILKES: We’ll try.TOM JOYNER: Okay.J. ANTHONY BROWN: We’ll try. (Laughter)MICHELLE OBAMA: Thanks so much, you guys.SYBIL WILKES: God bless you.MICHELLE OBAMA: Bye-bye.
Tom Joyner Pays Tribute to Radio Legend and Friend Jerry Boulding on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Tom Joyner Pays Tribute to Radio Legend and Friend Jerry Boulding on the Tom...

TomJoynerCrop_0Tom Joyner Pays Tribute to Radio Legend and Friend Jerry Boulding on the Tom Joyner Morning Show “I thank you, Jerry. God bless.” – Tom Joyner Full audio on BlackAmericaWeb.com - https://bit.ly/1kak5uH(Dallas, TX – December 4, 2013) – This morning Tom Joyner honored his good friend, Jerry Boulding, who passed on Thanksgiving Day during the Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Little Known Black History Fact segment.Boulding, known as the doctor of radio, was radio industry pioneer who started the country’s first Black format for satellite delivery called Heart and Soul. As a Program Director, Jerry Boulding, programmed 16 radio stations in over six major markets throughout the country. A former radio personality Jerry Boulding referred to himself as Jolly Jerry B, while on the air. He brought life and flavor to Chicago’s WVON radio station when he hired a young 20-something-year-old disc Radio DJey named Tom Joyner . By giving Joyner a chance, Boulding set the stage for Joyner’s success today.During this morning’s segment Joyner shared personal anecdotes about his relationship with Jerry and detailed how he was responsible for turning his career around. Find the Little Known Black History Fact and listen to the segment on BlackAmericaWeb.com. Read the full transcript below.Transcript:TOM JOYER: Every day we celebrate a Little Known Black History Fact. And today’s Little Known Black History Fact is about a good friend of mine who died Thanksgiving day. And a Little Known Black History Fact is always presented by McDonald’s, deeply rooted in the community 365 days a year. This is the story of Jerry Boulding.SYBIL WILKES: The Doctor.TOM JOYNER: The doctor of radio. A radio industry pioneer who started the country’s first Black format for satellite delivery called Heart and Soul. As a Program Director was Jerry Boulding programmed 16 radio stations in over six major markets throughout the country. A former radio personality Jerry Boulding referred to himself as Jolly Jerry B, while on the air at Washington, D.C.’s WOL and he brought and he brought me to Chicago.SYBIL WILKES: He did.TOM JOYNER: And turned my career around. And then we both got fired from the same …SYBIL WILES: But that was okay, that’s okay.TOM JOYNER: You want me to tell my, we got …SYBIL WILKES: Can you tell your story?TOM JOYNER: It is funny.SYBIL WILKES: Okay, I would love for everybody to hear this.TOM JOYNER: Okay, so we had WVON, and Jerry hired me from Texas to come to WVON and replace a legend. Do you remember the Soul Train announcer goes, in a real high pitched voice, it’s The Souuuul Train?SYBIL WILKES: Yeah.TOM JOYNER: His name’s Joe Cobb. Jumping Joe Cobb. And Joe Cobb, I was replacing Joe Cobb.SYBIL WILKES: And that’s what people in Chicago were saying too.TOM JOYNER: Yeah, right. It was a big, it was a big step. Well, everything was going along well and then the station got sold. And when the station got sold they fired everybody. Everybody. Everybody. One of the legends was E. Rodney Jones.SYBIL WILKES: Rodney Jones.TOM JOYNER: E. Rodney Jones. He had a big bass voice, like that.SYBIL WILKES: Uh-huh?TOM JOYNER: And he was like the station manager and Jerry was the program director. They fired me and I went to Rodney, I said; “Rodney, they fired me.” “Oh, yeah, Youngblood? They fired you?” And then here comes Jerry. “Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, they fired the doctor. They fired the doctor of radio. I had the patient on the operating table, I had him open, wasn’t even using anesthesia. And they fired me.” “They did? Wait a minute.”SYBIL WILKES: He got on …TOM JOYNER: (Mocks dialing a phone with a rotary dial)SYBIL WILKES: That was a phone with a rotary dial.TOM JOYNER: (Mocks dialing a phone with a rotary dial). “Velma? Yeah, is he up there? Tell him I’m coming up.”SYBIL WILKES: Okay, so things are gonna happen now.J. ANTHONY BROWN: Now who’s up there? Who’s he gonna talk to.TOM JOYNER: The man who’s firing everybody.SYBIL WILKES: The new manager.TOM JOYNER: The new manager of the station, he’s firing everybody. “Velma, I’m coming up.”SYBIL WILKES: So?TOM JOYNER: So while we waiting on Rodney to come back, Jerry’s just pacing. “They fired me, Tom. They fired me. I’m the Doctor. The Doctor of radio. I had the patient on the operating table. Wide open, no anesthesia.” And he’s just pacing. And Rodney comes back in the room. “Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, what happened?”SYBIL WILKES: And he said?TOM JOYNER: “They fired me too, Jerry.” (Laughter)SYBIL WILKES: Oh, my gosh.TOM JOYNER: Yeah. WVON.SYBIL WILKES: The voice of the negro. And the unemployed negro.J. ANTHONY BROWN: YeahTOM JOYNER: “Rodney, Rodney, what happened? He fired me too.” (Laughter)SYBIL WILKES: The great Jerry Boulding.TOM JOYNER: He died Thanksgiving Day.SYBIL WILKES: What a man.TOM JOYNER: Yeah, turned my career around.SYBIL WILKES: Wow.TOM JOYNER: And I thank you, Jerry. God bless.SYBIL WILKES: God bless you.TOM JOYNER: Yeah. A Little Known Black History Fact, always presented by McDonald’s. McDonald’s, deeply rooted in the community 365 days a year.

On Glenn Beck: Why Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Cathy Hughes and Michael Baisden...

When I listened to Steve Harvey's show this past week for the first time in a while they were trying to resolve this stupid woman's elementary love problem. Some sh... she really learned 20 years ago as a teen, she foolishly forces herself to still question in her 40's. Is this the BEST that we can do in Black radio? Is our collective intellect that minute?   Why won't someone just come out and finally tell this proverbial woman who has called into every black syndicated show on earth and who has written ESSENCE magazine in every issue... 'He doesn't WANT YOU! You are too desperate. Lose weight, get healthy, go back to school, get a better job, raise your kids, MOVE ON, make yourself marketable and let a man meet YOU on your way somewhere!'   Like my uncle, who was a pimp, used to say... "if somebody wants you bad enough, they will pay you for it.. not run from your ass."I have said a zillion times in this blog that Black radio needs to return to "community oriented programming" this example is the very reason. Glenn Beck's fear-based rhetoric rants have created a whole new generation of otherwise undercover racists who have begun to rethink their idle positions and instead of sitting idly by on the sidelines with their biased and unreasonable thoughts,   have now been encouraged to move to the front of the line. This is not looking good. Beck has greatly helped in leading these people to think President Obama is evil and corrupt by spreading absolute sensationalism and yellow journalism (he does admit he's not a journalist) to directly attack Obama's character and proposed policies. Beck is not the only one that should be off the air, Fox News should be off the air! How are you going to hire someone who is not a journalist on a news network unless you INTEND to cause an uproar?Beck is an angry white guy, probably with a baby dick who has a deep seated hatred for black men. He is also the kind of guy who would disown his daughter if she brought home a black man but would still claim he's not racist because his mailman is black and he hasn't called the police on him yet. Just like a person who is insane, Beck is the worst kind of racist because he thinks everybody else is and he isn't (laugh)All jokes aside how much can Tom Joyner or the self promotion king Steve Harvey say or do about this? Not a damn thing. This is where community oriented Black radio could play a HUGE part in dismantling the house that Glenn Beck is building. Major black corporations and syndication shows are not going to touch Beck for fear of Beck's supporter's wrath, but LOCAL Black morning shows could be abuzz right now on the issue, HUGE petitions could be getting passed around and Glenn Beck would soon be a thing of the past and Fox News would be under scrutiny if we had local community based Black radio's support. Fox News' name should be changed to Fox Tabloid.Beck would never want to be viewed as the guy attacking a small local Black station, that would make him look like the big bad racist which is why Cathy Hughes, Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey are not going to rock the corporate boat by causing an uproar. Beck and his supporters would eat them alive. It's as if they are all saying 'Obama, you are on your own on this one bruh, I have my 20 mansions to pay the mortgage on. But could you create a stimulus package for us anyway? C'mon help a brother (sister) out' (laugh). Glenn Beck would not have an OUNCE of power if he tried to attack 150 local Black radio stations each. The community in each market would eat HIS racist ass alive. I can't say that I don't understand , at least, Cathy Hughes' position, I do... but Tom, Steve and Michael? I can only say if we had some young black energetic leaders in the 2009 version of community based Black radio things would be very different.

Where is Michael Baisden? Joyner Pissed at Stevie Wonder?

I have not heard Micheal Baisden's name or show mentioned in months until now. His show was just dropped by KDAY. I guess that's not news since KDAY has dropped just about all of its syndicated shows but why have we not been hearing Baisden's name lately? Out of all the syndicated shows, I realized Baisden is the only one that has no entertainment history. I know he wrote books ...

V103/Atlanta's Local Talent Frank and Wanda Topple Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey and Rickey...

(pictured: seated Wand a Smith and Frank Ski, stand ing morning show producer Nina Brown) Without question, Atlanta is a huge Black radio market and since the city has been given the unofficial title of the new music industry by Radio Facts , V103 itself has grown tremendously in national appeal (OK, we may have had a little help from the residents). I was telling a programmer earlier this week in another market, our LOWEST numbers and responses are from posts about Black radio stations and radio corporations. Whenever I print ANYTHING about V103, it's like I did a post on Beyonce or some other big star. V gets very high responses from readers WORLDWIDE. Another thing that helps V103 is that many of the top Black bloggers reside in the Atlanta area. sand rarose.com, necolebitchie.com and even sohh.com has a presence there along with rising star blog gyantunplugged.com.   Frank and Wand a's morning show has been a staple in the market for many years and I often compliment the station for remaining true to its community oriented programming...   As you all very well know, I am an Black-local-morning-show-ist or as I like to call it, I am an ULMS (laugh).Here are the numbers for 18-34 in the most recent June PPM. I must admit, for Rickey to be so new in the market I'm impressed with his position. Rickey Smiley is the ONLY syndicated show I believe in, I once even booked quests for the show free of charge, I will NEVER do that again. At any rate, I need to do some more research to see where the show was before he came to the market. Tom is not doing so bad with the older demos.... (let me stop there, I have a whole slew of jokes). Congrats to Frank and Wand a and Miss Sophia (you guys need to take a press shot with the whole crew).#1 Frank & Wand a V103   16.6 #2 Bert Show Q100.           9.6 #3 Ricky Smiley Hot 107.   7.025-54 Year Olds#1 Frank & Wand a.           12.5 #2 News Talk WSB.           10.9 #3 Tom Joyner WALR.           8.8 #4 Bert Show Q100.           7.2

Tom Joyner Family Reunion Tickets On Sale Now for Award Winning Artists Maxwell, Vanessa...

I have to admit, I have watched several 80s stars videos from the reunion several times. The Stephanie Mills performance was especially good. A lot of the 80s stars have a huge fan base and don't get invited to tour the states often. The Family Reunion is a great place to take us back.. Looks like this year the star list is a bit more current but a good one nonetheless. Tickets On Sale Now for Award Winning Artists Maxwell, Vanessa Williams and BeBe and CeCe Winans at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. Tom Joyner and Allstate partner for the sixth year to bring families together in Orland o on Labor Day Weekend - September 3-7, 2009Tom Joyner , host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) , along with Allstate Insurance Company, present his annual family "Party with a Purpose" to listeners, like only Tom Joyner can, with some of the best entertainment and empowering seminars offered this year to Orland o, Florida during Labor Day weekend for the 2009 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion."Nothing says summer like a Family Reunion and it's that time of the year again for the Tom Joyner Family Reunion," says Joyner.   "We're headed back to Orland o Labor Day weekend for more fun, food and family entertainment that you won't find at just any family reunion. I'm talking about Ginuwine, Joe, Vanessa Williams, BeBe and Ce Ce Winans, and are you ready for this"”an evening with Maxwell! Plus parties, empowering seminars, comedy and a chance for you to give your family a weekend they'll never forget!"Scheduled for September 3rd - September 7th 2009, the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion is once again inviting all of Central Florida to a jam-packed weekend of thrilling activities that will appeal to both new school and old school audiences.   During the weekend they will be treated to a star-studded concert event with sultry singer Maxwell, renowned soul artist Raphael Saadiq, the beautiful and talented Vanessa Williams and the classic soul of Loose Ends.   Guests will also be entertained with a late night comedy show, which will feature some of today's funniest comedians, all hosted by the "˜Fly DJ' Tom Joyner .   The lineup of musical guests only gets better as the weekend unfolds. R&B heartthrobs Ginuwine, Joe, and Chico Debarge will charm audiences with soulful flavor. The award-winning gospel duo BeBe and CeCe Winans, and the phenomenal gospel singers Israel Houghton and Maurette Brown Clark will anoint the stage for a praised-filled gospel celebration.To purchase tickets to the concerts go to www.Ticketmaster.com or call 1-800-745-3000.   For more information on the Tom Joyner Family Reunion musical entertainment, empowering seminars and more go to www.blackamericaweb.com. Plus, the fun does not stop there! TJMS listeners will be able to join Joyner and his crew during the day on Friday and Saturday at the Allstate Family Expo.   The expo will be overflowing with entertainment for all ages including outstand ing vendors from across the country, exciting family games, health and business seminars and special celebrity guests.There are less than fifty packages left for this non-stop weekend.   These exclusive packages include: one (1) guest room for four nights at the Gaylord Palms Resort; Theme park tickets for each person to SeaWorld and Universal Orland o theme parks; Admission to the Family Expo and evening music events for each person; Five family meals; and complimentary transportation to and from the Family Reunion events.   Additionally, guests for the entire weekend can look forward to added exclusive activities like a private Shamu Show and family barbeque at Sea World and an incredible full day of activities for "Family Day" on Sunday that includes empowering seminars and a family talent show.   Book your package now by calling 407-248-9191.