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RADIO FACTS: The Undeniable Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time

A. Scott Galloway
Saying this upfront, compiling a list of Top 10 anything is a recipe for more blowback than solidarity no matter how you slice it. So...
Radio and Music Industry News

7 Popular Songs Featuring “Hidden” Background Vocals By Your Favorite Artists

Hassahn Liggins
Hiding in (Anything but) Plain Background Vocals You know those times when you really enjoy a song but there are certain parts of the song...
A. Scott Galloway Reviews mostread2019 Uncategorized

That Time When Roberta Flack Closed Out 25 Years at Atlantic Records with a CD Too Few Heard and…

A. Scott Galloway
Roberta Flack – Roberta (Atlantic – 1994) by A. Scott Galloway (Special to RadioFacts ) …and so, it begins again – a lady and a...

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