V103/Atlanta’s Local Talent Frank and Wanda Topple Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley

(pictured: seated Wand a Smith and Frank Ski, stand ing morning show producer Nina Brown) Without question, Atlanta is a huge urban radio market and since the city has been given the unofficial title of the new music industry by Radio Facts , V103 itself has grown tremendously in national appeal (OK, we may have had a little help from the residents). I was telling a programmer earlier this week in another market, our LOWEST numbers and responses are from posts about urban radio stations and radio corporations. Whenever I print ANYTHING about V103, it’s like I did a post on Beyonce or some other big star. V gets very high responses from readers WORLDWIDE. Another thing that helps V103 is that many of the top urban bloggers reside in the Atlanta area. sand rarose.com, necolebitchie.com and even sohh.com has a presence there along with rising star blog gyantunplugged.com.   Frank and Wand a’s morning show has been a staple in the market for many years and I often compliment the station for remaining true to its community oriented programming…   As you all very well know, I am an urban-local-morning-show-ist or as I like to call it, I am an ULMS (laugh).Here are the numbers for 18-34 in the most recent June PPM. I must admit, for Rickey to be so new in the market I’m impressed with his position. Rickey Smiley is the ONLY syndicated show I believe in, I once even booked quests for the show free of charge, I will NEVER do that again. At any rate, I need to do some more research to see where the show was before he came to the market. Tom is not doing so bad with the older demos…. (let me stop there, I have a whole slew of jokes). Congrats to Frank and Wand a and Miss Sophia (you guys need to take a press shot with the whole crew).#1 Frank & Wand a V103   16.6#2 Bert Show Q100.           9.6#3 Ricky Smiley Hot 107.   7.025-54 Year Olds#1 Frank & Wand a.           12.5#2 News Talk WSB.           10.9#3 Tom Joyner WALR.           8.8#4 Bert Show Q100.           7.2

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