That Time When Wynton Marsalis Made the Splashiest Debut in Jazz and…

Wynton Marsalis – Wynton Marsalis (Columbia – 1982)by A. Scott Galloway (Special to Radio Facts )“Technique comes from practice and discipline, but quality comes from understanding. That’s what I want my music to have. The quality of understanding and individuality that makes jazz so great. [...]


Radio Facts: Legendary Comedian/Actor/Radio Personality/Writer to Bring His Signature “No Holds Barred” Approach to Urban Adult Morning Show CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One announces an exciting addition to the Rick and Sasha Show with one of the most celebrated comedic talents in the business, George Willborn.  [...]
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Why Michael Baisden’s Return is Good For Today’s Urban Radio

 By now, you have heard about Michael Michael Baisden coming back to Radio. [...]
Michael Baisden

The Michael Baisden Show Returns to Chicago with New Affiliates Forthcoming

Sun Broadcast Group (SBG) has announced that Michael Baisden is back in his hometown of Chicago, on 95.1 FM Club Steppin. The Michael Baisden Show is four hours of music, engaging content, daily thought-provoking conversation and is the premier destination for listeners to be entertained, inspired and educated. [...]

Michael Baisden Talks about the Art of Having Patience (video)

Radio Facts: Nationally syndicated host Michael Baisden did this great FB Live video on having patience. Who can't relate to this. [...]
Rick Party Talks to RadioFacts Reveals Childhood Challenge that led to his Success 2

Former Hot 105 Drive Host Rick Party Talks to RF Focus about Future Plans

Rick Party is the quintessential industry hustler. One of, if not THE, best I've ever known. He wears many hats, Radio DJ, voice talent with his own network site Voiceover Universe, certified exercise trainer, husband, father, grandfather and more. At one time, he even co-owned an industry conference. [...]

Rick Party Exits Hot 105 in Miami

I have the greatest respect for Rick Party because he learned a long time ago about the importance of not just being a broadcaster but also an entrepreneur. [...]

Grammy Nominee Brent Faiyaz Building Music Career from Streaming

Radio Facts: Brent Faiyaz Feels "The Terms" have more value than the Money Following in the footsteps of Chance the Rapper and his manager Pat "The Manager" Corcoran, 22-year-old singer Brent Faiyaz and his manager Ty Baisden are calling the shots for his career as an independent. [...]

Rick Party and Benji Brown back 2 to 7, Hot 105 in Miami

What Happened to Michael Baisden? Rick Party and Benji Brown are back on in the afternoon 2 to 7 at Hot 105 Miami, they were moved to the 10 to 3 shift a year ago when Michael Baisden came to the station. [...]


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