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Shooting unveils very different sides of Steve McNair

steve-mcnair-radiofacts earned the respect of his fellow players for shaking off defenders and injuries. That same blue-collar playing style the love of fans amazed at how the quarterback kept showing up for work””and winning.
He endeared himself more with his charity work. Not just from the checks he hand ed out, but for throwing himself into the efforts, like he did when loading boxes onto tractor-trailers bound for victims.
Publicly, McNair was a happily married and proud father of four sons who split his time between his farm and a home in Music City, where celebrities are cherished, not hassled but when he was found shot to death on the Fourth of July with his 20-year-old girlfriend nearby, a darker side of his private was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. “People have certain things that they do in ,” said McNair’s longtime friend Robert Gaddy, who called 911. “We don’t need to look on the situation at this time (but) on the fact we just lost a member of society.

Even McNair’s longtime agent said he didn’t know about the quarterback’s relationship with Saleh Kazemi until news broke of the . Now police call 36-year-old McNair the victim of homicide, though they aren’t yet [read the whole story here]


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