C-Murder’s Sister Flips at Trial, Judge orders arrest of anyone who even gasped at the verdict. (vid)


Radio Facts: Corey C-Murder Miller faces life in prison for second degree murder after killing Steve Thomas in a Louisiana nightclub in 2002. The victim’s father George Thomas said: “I’m not rejoicing. I feel bad for [Miller’s] family. “But at least they can see him. What have we got but a gravesite and a photograph?” Miller was first charged in 2003, when he decided to change his name from C-Murder to C-Miller because he felt people misunderstood his name. He told USA Today in 2005 that C-Murder stood for “See Murder”, after the killings he had witnessed growing up in a rough New Orleans neighbourhood.The rapper was eventually found guilty of second-degree murder in 2003 and spent three years in jail, before winning a retrial. It took two jury votes in the latest trial to convict him, after one woman appeared to have changed her vote just to end deliberations. The judge ordered police to fill the courtroom for the final verdict, arresting anyone who so much as “gasped” at the decision. The victim’s family left in tears. Miller was convicted of a separate count of attempted murder from 2001.She says he’s innocent and that he was charged totally based on his name (???) One might ask, why did he pick that name? Then she calls for Barack as if he is supposed to help get Corey out of the situation? Corey’s brother Master P appears to have skipped the trial.This is the video (below) of another shooting C Murder was involved in where he pleaded no contest. Nobody died from this incident but it was caught on tape.


  1. Dumbass, he did it and he’s on video! What is wrong with black men?!? Life is not that bad that you have to go around killing each other. How do I know? Because I’m a brother who lives in the hood who could live anywhere I want. Some of us choose to stay and be positive role models for young people. C-Miller made his choices and should suffer the consequences.

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  2. I do not understand why guilty people won’t free their families. They allow their family to “believe” their innocence when they know they did the crime. Why allow your family to go through the agony and misery of believing you are innocent. C-Murder killed a sixteen-year-old fan. I don’t know what popped off. But, the young man was brutally jump by C-Murder’s entourage. Then, when C ran back to the malay, the young man was shot. Why didn’t he testify on his own behalf if he is so innocent ? I would be the first person on the bench if I were innocent. I better not see a FREE C-MURDER t-shirt. Some people deserve prison time. Everybody is not a political prisoner. C-Murder is no Nelson Mandela. He identifies with Murder.


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