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Buffalo: 57 Officers Resign from ERT in Support of Suspended Police Officers Who Pushed Senior to the Ground

Looks like the entire Buffalo Police Department Emergency Response Team has resigned as a show of support for the officers who shoved a 75-year-old man named Martin Gugino to the ground that caused the him to bleed from his ears. The video went viral yesterday and the officers were suspended without pay.

Ellen Degeneres Bashed On Social Media For Being A Mean Person


Getting Your First Placement at a Radio Station

If you are thinking about a career in radio, then perhaps the biggest hurdle is securing your first work placement. In a highly competitive industry, finding a way in can prove extremely tricky.

Editorial: It’s My Birthday but Here’s My Gift to You

So even though today is my birthday I have a magazine deadline and I have to postpone the celebration. While I wait for my editor to send new edits back to me, I thought I would share this with you.

What Urban Radio Person is Wendy Williams Talking About?

Any idea who Wendy Williams is talking about here when asked what's the worst advice you never took?"I can’t change my skin, I won’t change my voice, I can’t change my confidence."@WendyWilliams shares the worst advice she never took, and how she rebounded from harsh advice from a former boss: https://t.co/NWeinHLFB5 pic.twitter.com/JBif7Nb86t— Good Morning America (@GMA

Urban One”s Cathy Hughes Gives Great Advice About Running a Business

One-on-One Conversation with Cathy Hughes + Dyana WilliamsUrban One Media founder& chairperson Cathy Hughes was the special guest at this years Sistahs in Business Expo in Philadelphia!

Floyd Mayweather's Advice to Adrien Broner is Great Music and Radio Advice too. (vid)

I could not help but to think of the industry when I heard Floyd say this. He speaks the absolute truth, it's not what you do or how much you make WHILE you are in your career but how well you do when it's all gone.

Watch Netflix on Your Next Virgin America Flight for Free

If you have ever taken a flight on Virgin America then you already know it's like flying inside a lounge and/or club.

CD Baby Releases Full Schedule for DIY Musician Conference

CD Baby is hosting our first ever DIY Musician Conference this October 23-25 in Chicago, and we’ve got quite the assortment of workshops, panels, and showcases lined up. Unlike most music conferences, this one is built specifically around the needs of independent musicians, so you’ll get practical, actionable advice and walk away with a plan to

Rico Love Gives Sound Advice – Stop Talking so Much!

You remember at the beginning of Jodeci's song "Stay" when DeVante said, "Don't Talk, Just Listen?" Whether you do or you don't remember, those word couldn't be more appropriate for this moment and regarding this post.Rico Love may have a song called "They Don't Know" but now he is definitely letting all of us

Ann Nesby Makes Us “Remember”

Hers is a voice we haven’t heard on the radio in awhile. Five years to be exact. And in this fast paced, disposable world we live in, five years can mean an entire career for an Artist.

Gladys Knight Gives Brandy Sound Advice about the Business and Family

After playing tennis, recording artist Brandy asks Gladys for advice on juggling work and her personal life. Gladys stresses the importance of family...

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