Troy Carter Joins Spotify

Congrats to Atom Factory owner Troy Carter. He has been hired to join Spotify as the Global Head of Creative Services. His role is to take Apple and Tidal head-on for both artist and original content. Philly native, Carter began his career working for Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. He went on to have a very diverse career in the industry working with everyone from Diddy, Def Jam, John Legend, Meghan Trainer and more. It was his work with, a then unknown, lady gaga that put him on the industry map as a well-respected tech specialist. He used social networking, at a time when it was considered a “fad,”  to build Lady Gaga’s brand from virtually nothing. At the time, he admitted he had very limited resources and came up with the idea. A part of Carter’s successful company, Atom Factory was sold to Waddell and Reed, an investment firm. A successful speaker and constant panelist who is interviewed in various major media outlets, Carter will continue to oversee the technology division of the Atom Factory while in his new role at Spotify.


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