The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses T.I.’s Anger Over the Cancellation of His Show


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed rapper T.I.'s anger over the cancellation of his show. T.I. is angry that his show is no longer on the air. The reality star “blasted” VH1 for canceling his reality show “The Family Hustle” after accusations of sexual assault surfaced. T.I. and his wife were accused of drugging and raping several women.

Gary With Da Tea reported someone saying, “I wish T.I Family Hustle still came on T.I. evidently feels the same way.”

T.I. wrote in the caption at VH1, “13 years, no loyalty, no integrity, just jump to conclusion, false accusation, no apology, no accountability, no closure. And in the name of protecting women while unfairly and without due process, subsequently punishing women, no problem.”

Gary reported that it had been a year since the allegations came out, and T.I. has not faced any criminal charges. The actor has always denied the allegations.

An MTV spokesperson said that due to the allegation's severe nature, production would be suspended to gather more information.Gary said it is sad that T.I. and his wife have not been charged with anything, yet their show is canceled after 13 years. Everyone loved the show, he added.

Rickey smiley said if the investigation uncovers all the needed information and no criminal activity is discovered, will the show be returned?

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