Kirk Franklin Talks about how the Church has poorly turned Religion into a "System"


As many readers know, I have never subscribed to the elitism and the hatred that many black churches have used over the years to control the members. I have and always will believe that a person’s religion is first and foremost personal and that his or her connection to their higher power is not to be determined, controlled or directed by any man or woman on earth playing God. By the same token, I have also witnessed the power of worshiping with others in religious environments where there is not so much pomp and circumstance. KUDOS to Kirk Franklin for exposing the elitism and fear that the black church has used against outsiders as well as church members to make people subservient to man instead of God or their higher power. If the black church wants more members they have to stop thinking they are above them. Kirk talks about the systems as well as his new albumLosing My Religion with Smooth R&B 105.7/Dallas’ Keith Solis.[flowplayer id=”168037″]


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