The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Talks About Kirk Franklin’s Relationship With His Troubled Son (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show talked about Kirk Franklin’s relationship with his troubled son. Franklin has opened up about his relationship with his son Kerrion Franklin. Kirk was asked about his son after his recent arrest.

    “We historically have tried to keep our journey with our son, and his state, as a private family matter. I love my son, and we’ve been here for many many many many many years. I’ve done everything that I could to try and help him… my son is a very talented, beautiful soul, and the way that he was wired is not necessarily his fault. Some of us are born with unique wiring, and a lot of times in our community, it is hard for us to acknowledge certain wiring. We want to think it’s something else. My son recently was incarcerated, and we knew, and we’ve been watching it for years. This is my boy. I know my son. Right now, I am proud of him because I think he is, we are privately trying to address some of those things, and I have to realize that he may never be able to understand the gravity of what he did,” said Franklin.

    Gary said he gathered that the father and son were trying to work things out. A while back, they were having problems, and Kerrion had gone to jail; now, he has been released, and the singer is trying to work things out with his son.

    Da Brat said Kerrion was on a reality show called “Bad Boys,” and he had already engaged in a fight. Gary said he understands Kerrion’s decision to join a show; he needs a paycheck.


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