The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses the Appropriate Age to Teach Children How to Swear (VIDEO)


The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed the appropriate age to teach children how to swear. Steve Harvey said you should not teach children how to say curse words. There is no right age to learn that.

“Bad words are not necessary,” said Harvey. “It all depends on circumstance and environment. Cussing is a circumstantial environmental thing that you have to be able to participate in,” said Harvey.

Cussing is situational and will come out when necessary. Harvey said he never taught his children to cuss, and his father did not teach him foul language; over time, he picked up the colloquial habit.

Harvey said around the age of 9; he decided to start to use cuss words more regularly. He said he was cursing by 12, but it was in its formative stage. He said the older he got, the more useful, timely, and convenient swearing became.

The morning show discussed why some parents would want to teach their children to swear, for example, in situations of bullying, said Carla; however, Harvey said something like that is unnecessary.

“I do not recommend teaching cussing to kids… because it's going to backfire on you,” said Harvey.

The radio host said he did teach his children to take care of themselves, but Harvey said he found out he was doing it for no reason because his children did not know anything about fighting. He also said bullies don't respond to curse words because they are bullies.

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