The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Says Aries Spears Would Make a Great Guest on the Show After He Responds to Lizzo Comments (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show said Aries Spears would make a great guest on the show after he responded to controversial comments he made. Spears gave his take on the situation after he made disrespectful comments about Lizzo in an interview. He said he knew it would cause controversy.  The comedian said he even called himself out for needing to lose weight.

    “A lot of you women are funny with the critiques. I ain’t funny? I’m fat, unattractive; no woman wants me. They always try to hurt you with what works for you the most, like you break up, and you go that’s why you got… but you’ve been with him for years. I’m 32 years in this game, and I ain’t funny? That’s hilarious. Y’all don’t deal in logic and sense; you deal in emotion and anger; come with something that is not subjective. Me being unfunny and unattractive that’s not a fact. That’s subjective. Stop leading with emotion and anger,” said Spears.

    Rickey Smiley said he would love to have Spears on the show to have the dialogue. He would also love to have Lizzo on the show.

    The radio DJ said Spears also talked about another topic that was a good conversation starter. Spears recommended that women need to reach out to each other and ask about health, said More. The conversation is important but a touchy subject, said the morning show host. She has friends that she is close to, and she is concerned about their health. It is best to love people for who they are, but there is a severe issue with obesity.

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