The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses Tyrese Gibson Lying About His Extravagant Lifestyle: It was Only His Imagination (VIDEO)


    The Rickey smiley morning show discussed Tyrese Gibson lying about his extravagant lifestyle. Gibson and his wife Samantha Lee were back in court, and the actor asked the judge to deny Samantha’s request for $20,000 a month in child support, said Gary With Da Tea. He “cried” that the child support amount was too high, added Gary. Gibson also asked for joint physical and legal custody of their 3-year-old daughter.

    The couple broke up in 2020 after three beautiful years of marriage, informed Gary. They have been battling over spousal and child support ever since. The judge asked Gibson to explain certain extravagant expenditures he bragged about on social media, such as purchasing an island and buying a Rolls Royce for his daughter’s 15th birthday. However, in open court, he admitted that he had only imagined owning an island and could not afford one. The Rolls Royce was just rented for a day, Gary explained.

    Gary wondered how Gibson could lie about his spending. Smiley said that if a judge finds out a person is lying, they look unfavorably to the courts. That is why people should not brag about their lifestyle on social media because it could be used against them in legal matters, added the morning show host.

    The radio DJ said Gibson’s credibility is in question. Whenever he says something, people are going to say that he is lying. Gary said it is public humiliation and distress for his daughter because the singer has openly admitted that he did not purchase the Rolls Royce.


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