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Neighbors Cry for More Police Funding After Elderly Woman is Zip-Tied, Robbed, in Broad Daylight

Neighbors cried for more police funding after an older woman was zip-tided and robbed in broad daylight. Authorities said that the 71-year-old woman, who lived in the Beverly Grove area, was pistol-whipped while bound Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of a home invasion robbery in the 6600 block of W. 5th street. They arrived at the scene just after 2:30 p.m.

Police believe the suspect is a male. The man broke into the woman’s home, tied her up, and stole her jewelry. A beige SUV was used in the suspect’s escape. Police have not released a detailed description of the suspect.

The woman survived the horrific robbery with minor injuries.

“It’s very alarming. And we need to start funding our police department so they can actually do their jobs and get out here and protect us and patrol because there’s just not enough of them and they don’t have the tools and resources to do their job,” neighbor Craig Brill told FOX 11.

“There’s been crime in this neighborhood. And it’s just it’s unbelievable. This was always a quiet, safe neighborhood. There was little things that went on… car break-ins, but nothing major where you would see people getting pistol whipped or, you know, zip tied, and you never saw a police activity like this in this neighborhood,” neighbor Jason Anish explained. “So it’s truly unfortunate. It’s a sad sign of the times right now.”

No further information was given.

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