Michael Jackson is Supporting his Adult Brothers, Sisters and Family from the Grave


radiofacts.comNo wonder you rarely see Janet with her brothers or sisters. The late Michael Jackson’s estate is being used to support his adult brothers and sisters by their mother’s, Katherine Jackson, stipend. Katherine’s allowance is $67,000 a month. According to TMZ. The matriarch of the family is doling out the funds to her grown children including $12,000 to Jermaine, Rebbie gets $7000, La Toya gets a whopping $30,000 and Jermaine and Randy’s kids (by the same woman, both married her at different times) gets $9850 a month. After supporting her grown children, Katherine has less than $10,000 for herself according to TMZ.The nephew Trent, who Katherine accused of elder abuse is asking her to pay his attorney fees for fighting the allegation that was thrown out and totals $58,000. Ironically, agencies like the Adult Protective Service considers grown children taking large sums of money from an elder parent ‘questionable’ at best and in some cases, it can also be considered elder abuse. Michael would be rolling over in his grave as he often complained about his family mooching off of him.


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