Color Me Badd Lead Singer Assaults Bandmate on Stage (video)


Originally posted July 23, 2018 8:01 am. Remember the group Color Me Badd and their smash hit “I Wanna Sex You Up” in the early 90s? This is the first time I have watched the video in over 20 years. The music industry was just spitting out anything in the 90s just to see if it would stick. The group has had a tumultuous run being sued by Betty Wright who stated they ripped her song “Tonight is the Night” and struggling to maintain a presence in the music industry through the years.It appears the lead singer Bryan K. Adams was not too happy about another group member Mark Calderon taking over as lead for the former chart-topping hit (Mark is actually a better singer, huh?) and he comes on stage during what looks to be a sold-out, standing room only performance (see video) and aggressively pushes his bandmate to the floor at the end of his performance while he is gathering accolades from the audience. The audience, probably inebriated, fails to respond to the melee and continues to applaud through the assault (see video)


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