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WBLK’s Chris Reynolds Deleted Homophobic Rant and Responses on Facebook

AR-121229467As promised, we got the deleted files from WBLK's website and FaceBook timeline that caused PD Chris Reynolds to be suspended last week. Apparently,   listeners are not aware that Reynolds is the PD of the station otherwise there would have probably been a greater backlash. The owners of WBLK, Townsquare media, stepped in and vacuumed this up immediately careful to delete any trace of it online. They deleted the posts from FB as well as the station's website… but not before Radio Facts got copies…. and we haven't posted everything. Listeners appear to state that Reynold's personal opinions should not be on the station's website and FB page.

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  1. First off, we as a society talk about protecting human rights and seem to have forgotten the very basic of rights which is freedom of speech. I applaud Chris Reynolds for saying what he thinks. Because he is against homosexuality and thinks that it serves our community no good, does not mean that he is homophobic. So now we have replaced a society where gays were bashed and persecuted for a society where heteros are bashed and persecuted for expressing their opinon? Bulsh%$! Let him speak. And whoever said that his personal views don’t belong on the station site is clueless. We have personalities in radio so that we can experience just that…their personalities.

  2. When he owns the station, he can speak for the station. My issue is not his opinion, he is entitled to that but using the station as a backdrop for it on their social media network and website is where he crossed the line. He was lucky they didn’t fire him. In addition, a GREAT PD knows how to program to his ENTIRE audience reguardless of his views. He is there to program for the audience not program their thinking.


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