Did Dr. Phil’s Horrific DMX Interview Exonerate DMX?


Dr. Phil’s Interview with DMX

429e514955fbe88b35293a7a43a6ddb1I have to admit, I didn’t want to see this interview. I though Dr. Phil was exploiting dmx after the fiasco with Iyanla during the Fix My Life segment where dmx MADE her life miserable (lol).

As it is my course of study, (Clinical Psychology) after seeing segments of this interview on Dr. Phil’s site, I honestly had to wonder if Iyanla was the one who exploited dmx. In this interview, dmx is approachable, funny and human… that was not the case during the Iyanla interview.

Knowing that Dr. Phil is brilliant, I also know that if a therapist is not from the same background and culture as the patient it is difficult if not impossible to make a connection. As most people have issues as adults that started as children, it also depends on what the issue is.

If it’s not related to childhood it’s most likely something that most experienced therapists may or may not be able to treat, but if the issue IS related to childhood, such as DMX, an experienced therapist who has firsthand experience  and knowledge with black culture would certainly be the most effective.

This is a major part of the reason I have decided to enter the field because there are so few black therapists in the industry and Black Male therapists are almost non existent. Therapy is definitely one of those things that a patient should seek carefully and choose someone who not only understands them and makes the connection but also has a working knowledge of their culture and lifestyle.

A black patient who finds a black therapist may still have to look harder to make sure that black therapist has a similar background or personal experience.

In other words, an elitist black therapist who grew up privileged and went to private schools won’t understand the pain of going hungry as a child, UNLESS they went hungry as a child that’s not something a college course, a psychology major or research can teach you, it’s something you KNOW.

The title o this story is not to say DMX is not guilty of some of the crimes that he has committed but Dr. Phil leaves the door wide open for him to exonerate himself, which Iyanla did not. As DMX’s psychological issues are with his mother, Iyanla playing the mother role failed miserably because his mother is the target of his pain, he’s not looking for a replacement for his mother, he’s looking for HIS mother.

I would venture to say someone connected and disconnected from DMX would probably be best suited. Who was the greatest inspiration in his life as a child, if it was an older white man at one of the institutions then Dr. Phil would have been able to make a connection but as you watch the videos, it’s obvious Dr Phil KNEW he could not connect with DMX and DMX refused to be his patient because of it.

I thought it would be interesting to watch this to see how a white TV therapist would handle a patient like dmx and I have to admit I’m not surprised by the results. As I explain each video, Dr. Phil makes it extremely apparent why so few black people see therapists. There is an obvious cultural disconnect that makes Dr. Phil lack the skills to help black patients because he doesn’t understand them.

It becomes apparent as dmx outshines Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil’s lack of familiarity becomes apparent during the interviews. On the other hand, if Dr. Phil was doing the show to help DMX’s image, it was BRILLIANT on both parts. Somehow I don’t believe that (click “NEXT” above or below for video segment and the rest of the story) was the case.

DMX’s Mother

I can’t believe that a good therapist would not want to attack the root of a patient’s problem and Dr. Phil is immediately at a loss as dmx refuses to discuss him mother. It is apparent dmx is in some kind of therapy and it’s helping him. Sometimes a heart-to-heart talk with the person who hurt us as children or an acknowledgement of wrong doing by the person who has done us wrong is enough to set the path for healing.

His explanation of not wanting to discuss him mother in a negative light and acknowledging her mistakes and having compassion for her is an EXCELLENT exle of DMX’s path to healing which is great. Dr. Phil tries to belittle the running through the hall incident and dmx comes back with a great response by getting people in the audience to admit they too have run on a dare naked or done something stupid.

There is a child in all of us and I sincerely don’t doubt that that’s what this situation was. He also made another excellent point by stating most stars do crazy things and give the media content. In this situation it’s hard to deny that he did anything that would border on the lines of mental illness or the need to see a therapist. (click “Next” above or below after video)

Why are you having so many children? Why are you broke?

dmx states he has 11 children. Dr. Phil asks him why he has so many children, as if he is 100% responsible. Dr. Phil gets him by saying are you behind on child support by 1 Million? DMX explains he is because he doesn’t make 13 Million dollars anymore.

First, and this may not sit well with some people, just because a man is successful does not mean he should pay an exorbitant amount of child support per child ESPECIALLY if the mother is not working.

This practice needs to stop and the mother needs to SHARE the financial responsibility in raising and supporting the children. Dr. Phil asks DMX why he is not making 13 million anymore? Even DMX states this is a strange question but i would venture to say it’s an outright DUMB question.

The industry has drastically changed over the last 10 years. Radio playlists are outrageously tight and DMX has had massive legal problems including jail time over the last decade. the only other question would be why is DMX not on the road and he addresses that in the next video. (click “Next” above or below after video)

Drug Problem

More evidence of DMX getting help. He admits he will always have a drug problem. His faith may be questionable considering his past arrests. What’s interesting is the timeline that Dr. Phil posts on the show.

At first I get it but the rape charge and the stabbing that he was cleared of was unfair and DMX points it out, “Why is that up there?” Dr. Phil does not have a good answer, it would appear it was posted to humiliate DMX and/or to incite anger. Neither worked. It’s easy to completely lose interest at this point once it becomes clear that Dr. Phil ambushed DMX on this one.

Finally, he’s asking DMX why he has been arrested so many times as if he has complete control of that either. Dr. Phil needs to be a black man who grows up poor to get an answer to that question. DMX explains that not paying child support they take your license and your passport , which prevents him from touring overseas and relates to the question above about his lack of income.

This legally makes no sense considering he needs both of those items to make money. This is something many people are not aware of and I have to give Dr. Phil’s producers credit for not editing this part out. This explains the many charges of driving without a license and it makes perfect sense.

Animal Cruelty Charges/Changing his life

DMX explains that his brother was left at his house and didn’t take care of his dogs and that’s why he was charged because he owns the house. Dr. Phil then states that DMX’s life doesn’t make sense to him and DMX levitates Dr. Phil by saying, “It doesn’t matter if it’s doesn’t make sense to you, it makes sense to me and that’s all that matters.”

No therapist wants to hear a patient say that because it indicates their work is useless. DMX is defending himself and honoring and speaking his truth which is another great indication that he is on a path to healing. Dr. Phil is losing at this point and he should have cut his loses and moved on.

Dr. Phil then tries to incite tears from DMX boomerangs by stating he was a smart kid labeled as mischievous. I so understand his statement about being bored in school. When kids like him (and me) are talented instead of nurturing that talent the public school system often attacked it, brilliant black kids were placed in special ed classes while the brilliant white kids were often sent to special schools for the gifted.

I saw it happen during my school years. There are NUMEROUS black celebrities who were considered “mischievous” and a special needs student and many have admitted it. A star is not a mischievous kid, he is TALENTED and BORED. He admitted he had been institutionalized since before the age of 14.

He states he felt vindicated in his 3rd picture where he had signed a record deal. Dr. Phil tries again to belittle DMX by asking him if he realized how fortunate he was and how the odds were against him to get a major deal…  I found that to be extremely insulting, as if someone like dmx didn’t deserve to be successful? DMX takes the pulpit again and levitates Dr. Phil by saying “No, with my talent I should have BEEN discovered” as if to say, I deserved to get a record deal and HE DID.

Hairline: More on the Children

DMX takes the whole segment from Dr. Phil again by saying this picture is of me with a bad hairline, if that’s a problem then I’m going to jail right now. Then Dr. Phil goes BACK to the children asking DMX doesn’t he think having 12 kids for 6 different women is extreme. DMX is a very classy way tells Dr. Phil to mind his business.

Apparently DMX does not see a problem with having 12 kids and if he is taking care of them and has a relationship with them (in lieu of money issues) he can have as many kids as he wants.

Anger Issue..

DMX has done a great job on this show and it was great for Dr Phil to offer his this platform to clear up his image issues. He is honest an forthcoming about his shortcomings and showing a human side makes it much easier to understand him.

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