Joey “Mr. Boogie” Ryan, Still Hangin’ in there. Friends Visit (pic)


Latest Joey Ryan updateby Art Vuolo, Jr.Joey Ryan is still hangin’ in there! He’s amazing and sure appreciated the visit on Saturday February 13th from SIX (6) of his friends. It was well-worth the drive up to Grand Rapids, MI to spend some time with the man many Detroit radio fans will remember as “Mr. Boogie.” He is suffering from a number of health issues, too numerous to list, and your good thoughts and prayers are certainly welcomed. Cards and notes of support are also encouraged. He can receive them at this address: Mr. Joseph Pietruska, Room 323 3rd floor blue c/o The Home for Veterans, 3000 Monroe Ave. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49550. Frankly, I was stunned when Joey asked me “Are you gonna do a video of me before I die?” I did think to bring my good Sony digital camcorder with me, but I certainly wasn’t going to walk in with it. I kept it in the car, but when he said that, I thought wow was I glad I brought it with me