width=My Block Records, helmed by hit making producer Warryn Campbell, officially announces its distribution deal with Malaco Music Group. The first release in this new partnership will by the new CD fromthe Soul Seekers – “Soul Seekers II”.”Malaco Gospel was founded on and continues its dedication to Quartet music, so it is an honor and privilege to have The Soul Seekers as a part of the Malaco Group family. There is a special uniqueness about this group of guys that resonates not only within the Gospel industry community but among Gospel music fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Quartet music,” says D.A.Johnson, Executive Director/Malaco Gospel Division.The Soul Seekers are one of the most celebrated groups in Gospel music, and their new CD – Soul Seekers II – will be released on November 16.Comprised of Teddy Campbell, Warryn Campbell, Nisan Stewart, John “Jubu” Smith, Gerald Haddon, Charlie Bereal, Craig Brockman and Eric Seats, the Soul Seekers is a veritable eight-member super group of hit making producers and award-winning musicians who together create a timeless expression of church music that appeals to fans of both traditional and contemporary Gospel. According to Warryn Campbell, the group is a “musical bridge between the past, present and future.””We are music’s next generation, but we are deliberate about maintaining a thread of Gospel’s roots in our music” says Campbell. “I feel very fortunate to be in business with Malaco, a label whose music I grew up on, and hope that our first release – Soul Seekers II – is as warmly received as our debut CD was.””Malaco houses the largest and oldest Gospel catalog in the world and we have always stayed true to the traditional quartet music. The Soul Seekers are the hot new quartet group that the industry is closely watching. Malaco views The Soul Seekers as the New Ambassadors of quartet music and look forward to helping the take quartet music to the mainstream states,” saysTommy Couch Jr. VP/Malaco Music Group

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