Painful and Powerful Moment from Steve Harvey’s Talk Show – "All Of Our Children Were Murdered"


steve gun violenceBeing that I’m from Chicago, I always want to defend the city and let people know it isn’t the war zone that is portrayed on TV. It’s not like you walk out your door and bullets are flying but here is my strong “but.” Chicago is a war zone because too many people are dying over nothing. It’s sad when you know as many people as I do that have been directly affected by gun violence. In a very special episode, steve harvey tackles the topic of gun violence in Chicago, with a town hall style conversation with the studio audience, which was filled by people who have been directly affected by the gun violence plaguing Chicago.It this powerful clip, you will see a tired and frustrated mother express some real emotion about the death of her son. You will see some raw uncut honesty in this clip that pretty much puts a face to the pain and suffering that many are experiencing in the city, which is the third largest market in the country. This episode will air today.


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