Unfortunately, After Weeks, Several Listeners Still Not Warming up to Steve Harvey Morning Show in Buffalo


Several weeks ago, we posted that there was a petition going around the Buffalo, New York region with many fans upset about The Steve Harvey Show replacing The Tom Joyner Morning show. Usually, in radio, listeners get used to the new show and the complaints stop but not in this case. Since the previous post, we are STILL getting email, comments and complaints from listeners in the market who are not able to adjust to Steve’s show. This may or may not be indicative of a majority of the listeners but some even writing Tom Joyner and asking him to come back. One fan was thrilled that Joyner actually responded to her request personally (see image). The petition is close to 600 signatures at this point. The most common complaint is that Steve talks about relationships too much and not enough about concerns in the black community like Joyner does.


  1. I beg to differ, I live in Buffalo, I’m originally from Philly. I found Tom Joyner boring and have been listening to Steve via I heart for a while. It’s a Buffalo thing. They are YEARS behind on EVERYTHING.

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  3. Behind or not we are a people that know what we like and Steve Harvey is not it. I HATE his show!!!!!!!

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  5. Steve Harvey’s Show is not only repetitive, but its ignorant. They talk about nothing and nephew Tommy is not funny. The Strawberry Letter is not entertaining. Bring on Ricky Smiley or the breakfast club.

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  7. I agree whether we behind a lot we enjoy current events & good music.Steve tends to talk about hisself for the first 20 mins of the show bring Ricky Smilley.

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  9. There are to too many commercial… and there topics are not that interesting.. and Steve is not there most of the time… boring to me… I just listen to my gospel station during Steve’ s morning show now !

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  11. How about have both shows on? How about another local FM station with predominantly black talk show hosts? How about some choice. It’s unfortunate that people have to tear down Steve because they’re angry over Tom Joyner.

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  13. i cant believe another radio station hasnt adopted the old school hip hop format. next media would be smart to flip mix 96 and bring tom joyner back.

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  15. Steve Harvey radio show is very repetitive, Shirley repeats herself constantly, clears her throat 2 much and laughs when nothing is funny. Carla tries to fit in when not needed. Nephew Tommy is good by himself, as a comedian. He doesn’t need the non comical background noise of Jr. or Brownwhose career would be Nothing without TomJoyner, whom he constantly disrespects. That will come back to haunt him. Brown’s murder hit segment is super ignorant, didn’t like it b4 his transfer. No wonder Tom kept him in the background, his presence is useless. Theirfriendship is good, however the radio show Didn’tneed him as an overdose of b.s. his voice, mannerand ignorance is irritating. I enjoy Steve, he is not there enough and is becoming the background of his own show. Steve always says the dial goes up and down…even with his umpteen jobs, does he have any concerns with 2 many ppl changing the radio dial? He should.

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