The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses the Top Ten Ways to be Happy (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed the top ten ways to be happy. Shirley Strawberry said the best way to be happy is to be yourself. According to a new survey of 2000 Americans, most people believe that being true to self and spending time with family is key to bliss. Money cannot buy happiness, and that theory is reflected on the list.

    Strawberry gave the top ten ways for people to obtain happiness. #10, if a person wants to be happy, spend time with a pet. The ninth most popular way to gain joy is to spend time outside around nature. However, if someone is from a seedy neighborhood or environment, that may be difficult to do because of what’s outside, said Steve Harvey. Sex came in surprisingly low on the list at #8. A clean and organized house was number 7 on the list. The sixth reason on the list to be happy is spending time with friends while listening to music took the fifth spot. Taking time for self was the 4th on the list.

    Getting a quality night’s rest and enough sleep during the night was number 3 on the list. According to the list, watching TV shows was the second way to spark some delight in life. The morning show agreed that television shows were an excellent way to feel good.

    As delightful as all of the pick-me-ups on the list are, spending time with family is the best way for people to obtain happiness. Strawberry pointed out that money was nowhere to be found on the list. Steve went down the list and compared money to every happiness-boosting technique on the list. He then explained how money played a role in all methods recommended for a person to achieve happiness.


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