Juicy J Offers 50K Scholarship for Twerking?

Juicy-JWe’ve all heard the countless stories of young women working in the strip club in order to fund their education.  Approximately 10 hours ago, Juicy J sent out a tweet that has the internet and possibly Miley Cyrus going crazy. The Oscar winning rapper, tweeted “im giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chick that can twerk.” With his new album “Stay Trippy” about to drop next week, maybe this is just a publicity stunt. If it is true, get ready for Instagram, Vine, and YouTube to get a overloaded with twerking videos. This is definitely a new form of giving back to the community.
With that being said, is Juicy J taking the “scholar” out of scholarship by asking young women to twerk in order to receive it?


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