Ebro in the Morning Discussed the Truth in Kanye West’s Comments About the Kardashians (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed the truth in Kanye West comments about the Kardashians. Ebro said Kanye West should not have taken to social media to bash the grandmother of his children if he is looking to open up an educational school for children. West has taken down his comments, and now only pictures of children in their Donda uniforms are shown.

    Ebro said from what he read, the megastar challenged the 67-year-old woman to a fight.” he said, Chris, if you got a problem, fight me,” said Ebro.

    Rozenburg said the thing that is “crazy” to him is the fact that there is truth in some of the things that the fashion mogul said.

    “There are nuggets of real things, right, like, his thoughts about Kris Jenner and how the Kardashians got big. All those things exist in there, said Rosenberg.

    The morning show DJ said Kanye West’s behavior did not make sense if he was trying to win his legal battle against Kim Kardashian. Even if the fashion mogul was the perfect dad, Rosenberg said it was still an uphill battle in the courts. His questionable comments toward his in-laws were not the way to go.

    Ebro says the entire hip-hop world warned Kanye West before he started a relationship with Kim Kardashian. Laura Stylez said not only did he marry the “Skims” creator, but he also had four children with her. Ebro said it is surprising that West would have four planned children with someone, and the conversation of where they go to school has never come up.

    Clearly, Kanye West is unraveling, and he knows it said Ebro.


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