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Ebro in the Morning Discusses The Game Being “Hurt” by Dr. Dre Excluding Him From the Super Bowl Half-Time Show (VIDEO)

The Game was a guest on the I Am Athlete podcast, and he said he felt some way after being excluded from the Super Bowl halftime show in his city, said Laura Stylez. The rapper said the actions of Dr. Dre hurt him.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and even 50 Cent were in the show. The Game said Dre should have called and explained why he was not there. The Game said if the situation were reversed, Dre would have been on stage, said Stylez.

Ebro said that it is understandable to feel that way. Peter Rosenberg said that it is valid for the game to expect Dre to come and talk to him about the show.

“If you have had the impact on the music scene of LA, and the idea is that the halftime [show] in LA for the LA Rams, at the new Los Angeles football stadium, was gonna be about, like, Dr. Dre and all of the family tree if you will of Dr. Dre, and you were a big artist with big hits, and you were not there, you would feel some type of way,” said Ebro.

Rosenberg said the halftime show was big, and Dre was possibly looking for more mainstream artists, although The Game should have been told.

“Like Yo dude, here’s the deal. I’d like to have you, but I can’t,” said Rosenberg.

Ebro said Dre could have gone into the specifics of what was going on, such as there was not enough time for The Game’s performance. Rosenberg said even though 50 Cent and The Game are not in a bad place, they’re not in a good place either, and that could have also impacted the Super Bowl decision.

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