Why is Stephon Marbury’s Mental Illness Being Filmed. This is not funny, this Man Needs HELP!

Stephon Marbury Gets Hit In The Back In His Car While Saying “Don’t Worry About It. That Ain’t Nothing But The Devil” But the truth is, he just left the scene of an accident and filmed it? If it was his own security that hit him, shouldn’t there have STILL been an accident report? This is a man in serious need of psychological intervention. In the black community, we don’t take mental illness, therapy or psychological disorders seriously and we tend to simply label the person as “crazy.” Stephon’s behavior reminds me of a friend of mines who had 7 nervous breakdowns in a row. My friend got a bipolar diagnosis and is on medication now and he is fine but Stephon is surrounding himself with the wrong people. Where is his family? This man is not well and it’s unfortunate that someone is filming it for all of the world’s amusement and jokes. It is only a matter of time before he does something more serious perhaps to hurt himself or someone else. The man is SCREAMING for help and nobody’s helping him. I will seriously pray for this brother and this is the only video that I will run.

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