This is Most Unfortunate: Actress Maia Campbell (In The House) is Suffering from Mental Illness (vid)


Radio Facts: There are many things that we never address in the black community and we act like these things simply don’t exist. But we know good and damn well they do. We have never paid a lot of attention to mental illness in the black community. It is one of the many things that gets swept under the table because we don’t want to deal with it and would rather act like it doesn’t exist. This is repulsive at best.   It is also another reason I have an issue with the black church. Someone will email me now and say “My Church deals with it” That’s STILL not acceptable and it’s not enough this is a NATIONAL issue. I would be hard pressed but thrilled to find one major church that has ever dealt with the issue either. This video is most unfortunate and it is rumored that the actress is prostituting. Her mother, famous author BeBe Moore Campbell who died a couple of years ago constantly discussed mental illness in her family but she didn’t reveal who she was talking about and was often elusive, now it is evident. When BeBe died it was stated she had 2 grand children. Maia had an older brother but in this video she says she is looking for her daughter. She was once such a beautiful sister and she is screaming out for help. Sources say she is schizophrenic and she refuses to take her medicine. These people are not able to cope and live everyday life on their own and they need help. This sh… really bothers me.


  1. I really feel bad for her, she does need someone to help her, it obvious in this video that the guy she’s in the car with set her up by his people to tape the whole nasty scene on video.

    I feel like these guys should be arrested for explotation, im sure they are geting paid off of this video and the other naked photos they posted of her on the web, how inhumane of them. It shows how low some men are, legal charges should def be brought against them for this, I hope somebody steps in a put a stop to her abuse.

  2. Wow this is sad; this girl must have some one in her life that cares about her. I can’t believe no one in the entertainment industry hasn’t stepped up to help her. She is clearly being taken advantage of. She may be mentally ill; but from what I herd she had it dead on the money they knew who she was and had that camera make some money. God do not like ugly and every one of them who part in will not have anything good go on in their life. I just hate when Black Men prove they have respect or compassion for their black sisters. Not a gentleman in the bunch. No one in the family or street came out to say don’t do this. Anyone that would have them NIGGAS, (Yes those are NIGGAS) is a fool and will have a hard way to go. They don’t respect themselves and probably don’t respect anybody else.


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