J. Anthony Brown Lands New Gig


Looks like J. Anthony Brown has landed a new gig. After his controversial exit from the Tom Joyner Morning Show amidst a contract dispute, J Anthony Brown has wasted no time in keeping the momentum going. “I am happy my Brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, J. Anthony Brown, is coming to Sheryl Underwood Radio.We are going to crush it!” Underwood says, “We are glad that we are building a brand that talents, such as J. Anthony Brown, are proud to be a part of. “Sheryl Underwood and Sheryl Underwood Radio (SUR) welcome entertainer and radio personality J. Anthony Brown to the Sheryl Underwood Radio program line-up. J. Anthony Brown, known for his catch phrase, “Watch Out Deh Now,” is one of the hottest radio personalities and comics in the business.He is bringing all of the product produced and owned by him to the airways on Sheryl Underwood Radio. Sheryl Underwood Radio airs on 70 radio affiliates across the country, in the Virgin Islands and online, with a reach of over 5 million listeners daily. According to J. Anthony Brown, “Sheryl has the right to play all the murderous hits. We have released the hounds! Sheryl Underwood Radio will air all of the shows from last year, all of our hits; AND new original songs are coming soon! The hounds have been released!” SEE OUR REPLACEMENT SUGGESTIONS FOR J. ANTHONY BROWN ON THE TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW

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  1. Ok that was wild! I was shocked to see that. Kevin, you did it again! I can’t see BET airing that unedited. But it definately gets to the point Loll!

  2. BET could be much more viable in their programming. I for one prefer TV One over BET because it has positive programming by and about Black People. We have shown the world that we can dance, sing, act and play sports but we are also inventors, entreprenuers, scientists. enomomist, physicans, lawyers,world travelers, writers and poets. Come on BET raise your programming standards!!!!!

  3. Stop it! Ving Rhames? At least his boobs are taut! Maybe instead of insulting Aretha, we should drop her a note and let her know when in public “pull up” your top!


  5. Funny you mention V100. I was just out in the “Southland”, and I thought they had a good sound, but fair talent. No energy at all, except their version of Quiet Storm – Nice “card playin music!!!”

  6. Kevin,

    You are absolutely right. Thank you for having the courage to speak up and to remind us what’s important in life in a very real and entertaining way.

  7. That’s great! As a LA brat myself, I moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago and still havn’t found it to feel like home yet. But I am not sure yet when I will be moving back but Best of luck to you. Also I was a Radio Account Executive in LA when I was there.. LAter.


  8. Ronnie Johnson was a true nice Guy…In this business it’s very hard to find someone who tells you the truth. He really cared about people..

    See you in heaven Ronnie….

    God Bless

  9. What a sad day for the loss of our friend Ronnie Johnson, he will truely be missed by many, not only by the people in the music industry in Georgia but by his friends, teamates and classmates in Mobile,AL. We will share a very special prayer for Mrs Irene and Darryl and please know that our Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sherry Wicks

  10. I was trying to get a meeting with Ronnie for the new year to see if I could be apart of his team at Virgin.I heard so many nice things about him….The industry will miss him and also a nice person…Peace my man!…RIP..I wish I could have met you Face to Face.

  11. Ronnie Johnson was one in a million. We had big plans for pushing an independent project that I am working on with Steve and Capitol Records. Ronnie’s spirit was so warm and positive and he made you feel comfortable in his presence. We love you man, and will miss you dearly! My heart and my pain goes out to his family…


  12. So sorry to hear of your departure from the TJMS, you will be missed. They might as well just take the show off the air because you were one of the key players. So long for now and hope that all goes well for you.