DIONNE WARWICK: Is her Fight with Cathy Hughes or Burt Bacharach?


 width=This past week all the trades have been talking about Dionne Warwick’s issue with Cathy Hughes and the Performance Tax issue. Ms. Warwick feels that Cathy is crying broke but yet she has given her son, Alfred Liggins, a $700,000 bonus and she is not being fair concerning the artist’s right to be paid for the use of their music. Let’s rewind back to 1964, would Ms. Warwick have had the same issue with Cathy Hughes when radio broke her second hit Walk on By?

Let’s be realistic folks, am I the ONLY one who has to constantly tell the truth? Is Dionne broke and looking for money? Her issue is not with Cathy Hughes as much as it is with Scepter records and Burt Bacharach. The chance of Cathy Hughes playing ANY of Dionne’s songs in 2009 on any Radio One Radio Station is about as likely as Radio One rehiring Hegwood to program a Radio Station . These older artists need to take responsibility for their OWN shortcomings and poor business dealings during their tenure in the music industry. I have to side with Cathy Hughes on this one. BTW, has Cathy gotten rid of Yoland a Adams yet? I don’t hear much about the show anymore since Yoland a turned on Cathy too.


  1. cathy has got to be doing somthing right to accumulate a billon dollar debt in 12 years, I think it’s a stellar job cathy is doing really I do, may the bonues continue please please please! this is genuis.

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  3. Radio has been getting a free ride for decades thanks to a loophole that went through in the early 1900s. Almost every other marginally capitalistic country pays royalites to artists as well as publishers and US radio owners know they’ve had a golden goose for many years. For those who argue about initial radio exposure, what else but music will non-news based radio stations air to command attention in a medium with no video? Also, breaking new artists’ tracks and offering them exposure has no basis for not paying royalties to old hits. i hope congress closes the loophole and whether or not the artists receive as much as they feel… the copyright holders deserve to be compensated for the broadcast of their property. Separately, with a brilliant, extremely commercially successful career lasting almost half a century, I can’t feel badly for Dionne Warwick and her personal finances. How long will it take her to realize that even divas must balance their bank accounts. NEEDING to tour to pay bills– with her success in the ’60s,’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000s— solid gold, lucrative concerts for 40 years, $3 millions annually for the psychic friends network? the woman is ridiculous and seriously needs to reevaluate at her age (and tell her first cousin to do the same)!


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