Reggie Reg Davis Leaves Radio One to run for Office/Mildred Gaddis Calls Police on him?


That time when Reggie Reg Davis decided to end his radio career for bigger challneges like running for office and running into a problem with Mildred Gaddis when he came up to the Radio Station to get his things and hand in his resegnation. Still so proud of the brother. Orginally posted August 16, 2009

The Detroit News reported that there was a bit of a problem between Reg and nationally defamed hostess Mildred Gaddis, who was recently frowned upon for taking “donations” from politicians to be on her show. She called the police on him… WHILE ON THE AIR. Can a black man run for office? What was she thinking?

Sharp-tongued radio host Mildred Gaddis went quiet Friday when a rival disc Radio DJ entered the offices of studios of WCHB (AM 1200) on East Jefferson. Reggie Reg Davis, who quit Friday from fellow Radio One Radio Station Hot 102.7 (WHTD-FM), said he entered the building about 6:45 a.m. to retrieve his belongings and submit his letter of resignation. But the incident came the same day The Detroit News ran a story quoting Davis accusing Gaddis of sabotaging his career and smearing his reputation.

Radio listeners heard Gaddis ask for police to come to the Radio Station , and then go off the air as gospel music played. Officers arrived, but Davis was gone. There was no physical altercation, a police spokesman said. Gaddis declined to comment, but Radio One issued a statement Friday afternoon backing her and saying Davis’ appearance and resignation came as a “complete surprise.”

Davis said he quit the Radio Station to run for the city’s charter commission on Nov. 3. FCC equal time rules would have made it all but impossible for him to stay on the air and run for the commission, but he blamed Gaddis for allowing callers to repeatedly raise the issue.

He claimed he had permission from Radio One, but company officials said they revoked it once they learned the commission was an elected job. It’s the second election controversy involving Gaddis in recent months after she admitted charging City Council candidates to appear on her now-canceled TV show.


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